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National Artists

New Politics has such an inspiring story and are the perfect example of a group who has put themselves out there, taken huge risks, and are continuing to make their dreams a reality. Inspiring and touching fans along the way with their infectious energy and meaningful lyrics.

Interview with The Maine at House of Blues San Diego Take the leap if it's worth the fall -The Maine --- Q: “Having been at it for ten years

Warren G is the perfect example of an artist who’s been in the game for a long time and is still going after his dreams.  We had the chance to sit down with him and get the inside scoop on how he stays motivated and some advice he’d give to anyone who’s ready to go after that crazy dream.

Comfort zones are dangerous places to live -Atlas Genius Q: What keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going after your dream? A: “If the band’s playing good and you’re playing in front of thousands of people that are going off, that itself is a reward and that’s inspiring! I guess there’s just a lot of music to make and wanting to express ourselves. And knowing that you’re getting closer to being able to do that.” “It’s like when like you’re a kid and you

Don't have a plan B.  Go all in on the dream -Ryan Key   (Q) : Through all of the hard work & sacrifice what keeps you motivated and inspires you to keep creating music? (A) : Ryan Key: We’ve been doing this for about 15 years. I think, like, the fact that It’s still constantly surprising! This tour for example has been SHOCKING. We’re sold out which is amazing and huge. Bigger than anything we’ve done in years and years and years. So you

All dreams are possible if you can just stick to your goal for the long haul -The Spill Canvas --- (Q) : What or maybe who inspired you to pursue your passion for music? (A) : It's not so much an exact person or thing that first planted the seed of music in my life-it was always just kind of there in my heart since childhood. But if I had to credit someone it'd have to be my dad for exposing me to great music