Inspiring through the power of Wine & Music.  Pairing wine + music + artists’ stories.

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A poster of the Yellowcard


Ryan Key- Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Mendez- Lead Guitar
Josh Portman – Bass Guitar
Sean Mackin- Violinist


Interview with Yellowcard

Don’t have a plan B.  Go all in on the dream
-Ryan Key


(Q) : Through all of the hard work & sacrifice what keeps you motivated and inspires you to keep creating music?

(A) : Ryan Key: We’ve been doing this for about 15 years. I think, like, the fact that It’s still constantly surprising! This tour for example has been SHOCKING. We’re sold out which is amazing and huge. Bigger than anything we’ve done in years and years and years. So you know every time something like that still happens, it’s still kind of mind blowing.

(Q) : What advice would you give to someone who’s considering going after their dream and pursuing their passion?

(A) : Ryan Key: I always say, “don’t have a plan B.” That’s always my advice ‘cause when it gets tough, you’ll use it. We are an example of that in that we just bailed on everything. We dropped out of school; we cashed in our scholarships and bailed to do this! If we had had the chance to take an easier path, I believe there were times that we might have chosen to do so.