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Interview --- 1.  What's the biggest surprise about hitting the road that you didn't expect: good or bad? I guess I didn’t expect how the vibe would be completely different at every venue. There really hasn’t been a consistency, which makes it an adventure. It’s always a surprise what you’re gonna get. --- 2.  If you could put anything on a ride with not spending limit, what would it be? Probably like a big, fancy charcuterie board and a basket of kittens. --- 3.  You're from Austin, TX, but

Interview --- 1.  What was your first musical project? My first project was a band called Beside Myself. It was this guy named Ziggy, and my friend Todd. And that was the first time I wrote music. It was the first band I was singing in and writing in, and actually toured. We did a bunch of tours up the west coast, and east from here. --- 2.  What was the hardest thing about getting started in playing music? No one in my family really played music,

Interview --- 1.  We know that being an artist is a lifelong journey. How and when did your journey as a musician begin? I think I was on stage for the first time when I was seven. I was taking singing lessons, and I was singing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. My mom forced me to wear a mermaid costume, and I was so fucking embarrassed about it. I remember on that day that I’m never gonna do or wear anything

Interview --- 1.  Our mission is to inspire others by sharing artists' stories. Sharing the journey, struggle and successes - showing other people they can go after their passions too. So with that being said, tell us how you got started on your musical journey. It started when I was 15 and got a guitar for my birthday. I started writing songs and haven’t stopped since. When I got to college I got involved in the local house show scene and networked/ played gigs

Local San Diego artist, Andrew Barrack, is professionally and creativity on top of his game. From learning guitar at a young age, to debuting his album "In Seasons" just this past month Andrew has shown the world how intention, meaning, and purpose in music can create a beautiful sound. We got the chance to catch up with him and ask him a little bit about what his musical process is like, and how he combines the business and creative process of

Belladon's Aimee Jacobs and Anastasya Korol joined together to create a unique sound full of synths and harmonies to create a unique pop-synth sound that continues the tradition and legacy of women in the forefront of rock. Backed by Heather Nation, Alex Bravo, and Billy Petty, the band has burst into the San Diego scene with three successful singles and a nomination by the SD Music Awards. We got the chance to talk to the band a little bit about their

Since their creation in 2017, Aviator Stash has burst onto the scene in their hometown of San Diego, gaining a well-deserved following and establishing themselves as one of San Diego's best local acts. Aviator Stash has taken their community and sound to heart, a feat that has not gone unnoticed; from playing WonderFront Festival to being nominated for a San Diego Music Award three years in a row. We got the opportunity to catch up with the band and ask them a

Combining their love of comics with musical skill, Gabriel Valentin accompanied by Gallie Fisher and Ryan Joseph create an experience unlike any other. Local San Diego band Digital Lizards of Doom makes the accompanied graphic novel's story come to life in sound. The graphic novel series is an ode to the band's deep love for all things pop culture, and their sound is an expression of the story while experimenting with different genres and styles. We had the chance to sit

Jehlad Akin has been deeply intwined in music his whole life. Hailing from the east coast, now residing in San Diego, Jehlad takes inspiration from all connections he's made through places and people to create a unique, intertwined Neo-soul sound. We had the chance to catch up with Jehlad after seeing is awe-inspiring performance at Springboard West, below our some insight into how Jehlad strengthens connection through music, and what we can look forward to in the coming months. 

MDRN HSTRY spurred MDRN HSTRY spurred from a jam party one Cinco De Mayo, and the story only gets better from there. From hosting parties with live music in their Garage Mahal, to pushing the boundaries between the connection of music and performance, the band utilizes sound and space to create epic, mesmerizing, and rowdy shows set to a modern 70's-style sound. MDRN HSTRY has only just begun their journey, and are set to drop their first full-length album, TV Talk,