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Local Headliners Untapped

Interview --- 1. Tell us about the first show you ever played. I’m trying to think if that was me and a band in high school. There was this thing called Griffstock, because we were the Griffins, so we just would cover Tame Impala, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Zeppelin. It was in the cafeteria of my high school. I sang a couple songs. My high school friends and I actually had a little band reunion two years ago. That was cute. That was

Interview --- 1.  Which came first in your life: drums or singing? Drums. I went to a parade at 4 years old, saw the local marching band, went home and fashioned a drum out of a bucket and marched around the house. --- 2.  What did you play in your first band? Drums. And I sang a cover of “Message in a Bottle” by The Police while playing drums. --- 3.  You recently started playing guitar. What was it like picking up a new instrument at this point? Frustrating, because

Interview --- 1.  How did you guys meet? Nate: I met Max. We went to the same middle school. I met him in 7th grade, but in 8th grade we finally had more classes together. We kind of just started talking. We liked a couple of the same bands, played some of the same games and stuff, and kinda merged friend groups. Then we just started playing music together. We’d jam for years and years. Finally, junior year we started to take music pretty

Interview --- 1.  So, how did you all meet each other? Shelbi: Well, Jenny and I met a long, long time ago. I met her when she was in the Heavy Guilt.  Jenny: How many years ago? Shelbi: Almost ten, because I met you probably when I was 20. I don’t think I was even 21… I fucking know. We started working at the School of Rock around the same time, and then we met Josh. Jenny: So, us three (Shelbi, Josh, Jenny), we all worked here

Interview --- 1.  Where does your bandname Fieldrush come from? Trevor: It really was just the name we landed on after spitballing so many different names that didn’t work. And one day Jin threw it in the chat, and it was just like, “yeah, this is the name.” Diego: Yeah. It was the one where we all unanimously were like, “yup.” That feels like it captures our style and our attitudes and mood, and just like, the energy of the music as well. Trevor: We were

Interview --- 1.  Growing up did you have a favorite musician that you looked up to? Growing up, the musician that I probably looked up to the most was my guitar teacher. He taught me how to play rock music. He played outlaw country, and I liked punk, and he taught me how to do both. He wanted me to play really aggressively. He taught me how to do that and not be afraid to play loud. It was awesome. --- 2.  What was it like

Interview --- 1.  What are your names, and what instrument do you play? Kurt: Kurt. I play drums. Matt is missing, the bass player. Preston: My name is Preston. I’m the vocalist. Joe: My name is Joe Doxie. I’m the guitarist. I don’t know if I would call it “lead” as much just guitar, but yeah. --- 2.  Tell us about how Lords of the Satellite got started. Joe: Well, we came out of the pandemic. It’s actually an interesting story. I love telling the story. Preston: The long version? Joe:

Interview --- 1.  What was the first instrument you picked up? I played violin in middle school and elementary school, and then they were desperate for bass players. Nobody wanted to play bass, so I switched to stand-up bass. That turned into electric bass, and eventually guitar. --- 2.  The member of King Whisker are from all over the country. How did you all end up in San Diego? We started as a three-piece. Just me and the drummer are all that’s left from the original three-piece.

Interview --- 1. Did you have a local band you looked up to when you were just starting out as a musician? Christian: I would probably say Pinback, El Ten Eleven, all the John Reis projects like Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes. Some of his projects are more local that others, but those would be my 3 answers. Jay: El Ten Eleven is a big one for me. I’ve seen them live at Casbah. Chaz: I agree with what they said. --- 2. What about non-musical influences? Christian:

Interview --- 1.  What was the first instrument you picked up, and how old were you? The first instrument I picked up was a bass guitar. It was a Valentine’s Day party that my mom brought my family to. I really didn’t want to be there, but I ended up meeting one of my best friends there. He was like, “you’re gonna play bass in my band!” I was like, “dude, I’ve never played bass before. I’ve never played anything before.” So he gave