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Born out of Southern California, Andy Craig combines the local with New York jazz to create their own surf-style. Since 2015 when The Gloomies burst onto the scene, the band has been dropping music consistently, including their latest "Moonlight" released just this past month. We had the chance to ask the band about how they created their unique sound, and what inspires them to make music.

Hailing from South Carolina, two brothers Landon Rojas (lead vocals & guitar) and Cade Rojas (drummer) formed Lovely World along with childhood friend Cameron Smith (lead guitar).  Recently joined by bassist Michael Gilbert, the lineup is now complete. We were able to catch up with the band and share a little bit of the behind the scenes.

Interview --- 1. How did you all get your start in music, and how did you all meet originally? Erick - I started playing guitar when I was 9 years old. I was turned on pretty instantly to that feeling music gives you. Plus, my whole family is into music. My grandparents played against The Beach Boys in the battle of the bands. Caelan - I started playing with local bands when I was in high school. I met Erick through the grapevine & we’ve been getting

Meet Golda!  We had a chance to connect with her at one our recent events and were blown away by her talent.  Her ability to tell stories and connect with her audience through her songs is inspiring and truly moving.  We wanted to dive deeper into who she is and her journey.

Formally known as Lad's Holiday, The Frets are taking on a new identity. They may have parted ways with their Hawaiian shirts, but The Frets are taking on a new sound, new EP,a new look and a new music video. Their new, energetic song Break Me, just debuted it's music video. Check it out for yourself at the end of the interview!