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Interview --- 1.  How has transitioning from Corduroy to Minus 1, and now to Proteus, influenced your music? When Corduroy was formed as a 5-piece Pearl Jam tribute, our band’s goals and inspirations were very different. I had taken almost a decade off from playing guitar and joined the band on a whim to try to get back into music. The other original member from Corduroy, Sean, had never performed live with a band before. We both felt fairly neutral about Pearl Jam’s music,

Interview --- 1.  What were your early musical experiences like, and how did they lead you to start the band Future Crooks? In the echoes of my earliest musical memories, my other brother would blast Metallica and ACDC in his giant red truck hurtling through time. Also, in my possession was a collection of scrolls, otherwise known as analogue cassette tapes, featuring 'The Lion King,' Sublime, and No Doubt. When I turned 8, I embarked on a journey across the misty mountains to Oregon,

Interview --- 1.  Can you tell us about the origins of King Julian and how the band came together in San Diego, CA? We’d all seen each other play throughout the scene with other groups. Each of us probably has a different story for when and how the band officially started, but the first time Nolan and Hunter jammed was in a buddy’s backyard party after Nolan’s then band’s set. After that, Matt, Nolan and Hunter got together to jam and from there all

Interview --- 1.  What was it about punk rock in particular that drew you in? I think I heard The Clash on the radio. I remember that I would go to the library when I was super young, like in middle school, and just check out CDs that I thought looked punk. And that’s how I got into Asian Man Records stuff. Like, I picked up Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, and that kind of led me on the whole journey that I’ve been

Interview --- 1.  Where did the name Kit Major come from? So, Kit Major actually came from my sister. My nickname is Kit. And then Major came actually from a Charlie XCX concert. I used to go by CAT with all capital letters. I was looking at the bill and I saw other people with their names in capital letters and I was just like, I can't see my name on this bill. I can already tell. And so I wanted to have a

Interview --- 1. Tommy and Shea, I read the first day you met in 6th grade you got into a fist fight? Who won? Shea: We did get in a fist fight, yeah. Tommy: There’ve been a couple along the way. Shea: Once or twice. It was at the pool at his parents’ house. Tommy: No one really remembers who won. Shea: I don’t know if there was a definitive victor or not. I think we just stopped and I left, and I didn’t think I wanted to

Q: You guys have had a long career. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself! What was the tipping point where playing in a band went from being a hobby to being on the path to success? We all kind of have different journeys because we found each other later on in different bands. For me, it happened when I was really young, but I knew with a crushing pain that I had to be a music creator when I was 9

Interview --- 1.  First off, congrats. You guys have had a long run. 20 years. That’s a success in itself. Not Many people can say that. To have that tenacity and that long of a career, that’s impressive. JB Brubaker: It’s been a long run for sure. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished in 20 years, and I feel like it almost is surprising to think that it's been 20 years because it doesn’t really feel that way to me. And then we

Interview --- 1. Tell us about the first show you ever played. I’m trying to think if that was me and a band in high school. There was this thing called Griffstock, because we were the Griffins, so we just would cover Tame Impala, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Zeppelin. It was in the cafeteria of my high school. I sang a couple songs. My high school friends and I actually had a little band reunion two years ago. That was cute. That was

Q: Who did you guys resonate with at the beginning of your career? Any other bands or people who inspired you from the jump? Scott Russo: Yeah, from my mom’s side of the family it was like The Beatles, Buddy Holly, and Patsy Cline. Lots of pop and old country like that. My dad, on the other hand, he really pumped in Earth Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson, and shit like that. There’s a lot of soul from his side. Our