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Interview --- 1.  Growing up did you have a favorite musician that you looked up to? Growing up, the musician that I probably looked up to the most was my guitar teacher. He taught me how to play rock music. He played outlaw country, and I liked punk, and he taught me how to do both. He wanted me to play really aggressively. He taught me how to do that and not be afraid to play loud. It was awesome. --- 2.  What was it like

Interview --- 1.  What are your names, and what instrument do you play? Kurt: Kurt. I play drums. Matt is missing, the bass player. Preston: My name is Preston. I’m the vocalist. Joe: My name is Joe Doxie. I’m the guitarist. I don’t know if I would call it “lead” as much just guitar, but yeah. --- 2.  Tell us about how Lords of the Satellite got started. Joe: Well, we came out of the pandemic. It’s actually an interesting story. I love telling the story. Preston: The long version? Joe:

Interview --- 1.  What was the first instrument you picked up? I played violin in middle school and elementary school, and then they were desperate for bass players. Nobody wanted to play bass, so I switched to stand-up bass. That turned into electric bass, and eventually guitar. --- 2.  The member of King Whisker are from all over the country. How did you all end up in San Diego? We started as a three-piece. Just me and the drummer are all that’s left from the original three-piece.

Interview --- 1. Did you have a local band you looked up to when you were just starting out as a musician? Christian: I would probably say Pinback, El Ten Eleven, all the John Reis projects like Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes. Some of his projects are more local that others, but those would be my 3 answers. Jay: El Ten Eleven is a big one for me. I’ve seen them live at Casbah. Chaz: I agree with what they said. --- 2. What about non-musical influences? Christian:

Interview --- 1.  What was the first instrument you picked up, and how old were you? The first instrument I picked up was a bass guitar. It was a Valentine’s Day party that my mom brought my family to. I really didn’t want to be there, but I ended up meeting one of my best friends there. He was like, “you’re gonna play bass in my band!” I was like, “dude, I’ve never played bass before. I’ve never played anything before.” So he gave

Interview --- 1.  I’m always curious how musicians choose their instruments. What was it about the guitar that drew you in? I had a friend that got me interested in playing, and showed me how to read tabs. I knew there was a guitar at home and I found it. It was under some stuff in a closet. Essentially, having access to the instrument was the main thing that lead me to that. --- 2.  What was the biggest challenge about getting started, and how did

Interview --- 1.  Tell us what your first musical experience was. I’m from an Irish background; Irish family. So, it would’ve been some old Irish folk songs. My parents always used to have the Irish songs in the car. We’d be driving to my grandparents’ house, one way or the other. Then they’d have the CDs on… or tape deck back then, I guess. So, yeah. It’d be Irish music probably. --- 2.  What made you fall in love with punk rock? Well, again, same thing as

Interview --- 1.  What's the biggest surprise about hitting the road that you didn't expect: good or bad? I guess I didn’t expect how the vibe would be completely different at every venue. There really hasn’t been a consistency, which makes it an adventure. It’s always a surprise what you’re gonna get. --- 2.  If you could put anything on a rider with no spending limit, what would it be? Probably like a big, fancy charcuterie board and a basket of kittens. --- 3.  You're from Austin, TX, but

Interview --- 1.  What was your first musical project? My first project was a band called Beside Myself. It was this guy named Ziggy, and my friend Todd. And that was the first time I wrote music. It was the first band I was singing in and writing in, and actually toured. We did a bunch of tours up the west coast, and east from here. --- 2.  What was the hardest thing about getting started in playing music? No one in my family really played music,

Interview --- 1.  We know that being an artist is a lifelong journey. How and when did your journey as a musician begin? I think I was on stage for the first time when I was seven. I was taking singing lessons, and I was singing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. My mom forced me to wear a mermaid costume, and I was so fucking embarrassed about it. I remember on that day that I’m never gonna do or wear anything