Inspiring through the power of Wine & Music.  Pairing wine + music + artists’ stories.

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A poster of The Spill Canvas

The Spill Canvas

Nick Thomas- Vocals/Guitar

Landon Heil- Bass

Bryce Job – Drums/Percussion


We had a chance to catch up with lead singer, Nick Thomas, and bass player, Landon Heil, at their show at the Roxy Theatre in LA and chat about their road to success. They’re both incredibly humble, down to earth guys from South Dakota, who have encountered their fair share of obstacles and continue to fight for their dreams to create inspiring music. They have an amazing connection with their fans and positive energy that we want to share with you.



Interview with Nick Thomas & Landon Heil

All dreams are possible if you can just stick to your goal for the long haul
-The Spill Canvas
(Q) : What or maybe who inspired you to pursue your passion for music?

(A) : It’s not so much an exact person or thing that first planted the seed of music in my life-it was always just kind of there in my heart since childhood. But if I had to credit someone it’d have to be my dad for exposing me to great music growing up. From Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac to Otis Redding, it was inevitable that music would be a huge part of my life with such amazing artists as the foundation.

(Q) : You’ve been through a lot in your music career and are now pursuing a solo project – as with any business, it’s not always easy – what keeps you motivated to persevere through tough times?

(A) : The light that has always been able to lead me out of the darkness in the business, is deeply rooted in a strong support system of friends and family.

(Q) : For us, it’s the best feeling in the world to create something that people enjoy, connect with and share with family and friends. In that sense, music and wine are a lot alike. What’s one of your funniest or craziest experiences with wine?

(A) : The one experience that really stands out regarding wine isn’t really all that funny or crazy, but lives in the tradition that came to be over the years of writing and recording music. After the completion of every studio album we celebrate with good food and wine.

(Q) : Your song Lusta Prima Vista says, “crack open a bottle of red.” How is wine significant in that song? How is it significant to your creative process in general?

(A) : As with the tradition I just mentioned, wine has become an important part of the writing process as it loosens up the mind and allows the left brain take the wheel a bit more. Regarding ‘Lusta’, wine plays a big role in the lyrical content by representing a celebratory toast to a relationship fueled by lust over love.

(Q) : What advice would you give to someone who’s contemplating taking that leap of faith and going after a dream?

(A) : The one true thing that should remain constant is your own sense of perseverance. Especially during the lower, blurry moments when goals might seem out of reach or impossible in the face of countless obstacles.