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A poster of The Maine

The Maine

Interview with The Maine at House of Blues San Diego
Take the leap if it’s worth the fall
-The Maine
Q: “Having been at it for ten years…Do you feel there is a lot more to come?”

A: “You want to say yes, but you have no idea. The fragility of everything is what makes it so important. We think that it’s important that we put ourselves in a position that we can make another record. The emphasis of what we do has always been put on that (fans) side of the barricade, because those people are the reason we can make music.”

Q: “Has there ever been a moment, or moments, in which you remember where it was easier to just throw in the towel, but instead you kept going? A moment of perseverance?”

A: “Long story short…We signed with Warner Bros. and the whole team that was working with us, about six months into the release, got canned. They said they wanted to keep us on, but we felt like we got lost in the shuffle. So, we decided to fight to get off. We made a whole album and they didn’t like it. We liked it… we thought our fans were going to like it.. It was such a strange thing.. That’s why we don’t have a label anymore. It makes making music that we want to make, that much sweeter. It feels good knowing that we don’t need that huge infrastructure to grease the wheel.”

Q: “What keeps you guys motivated on tour?”

A: “It’s important to us that we bring buddies on the road. It keeps everything balanced. It’s really easy to get tired but it’s important that the mood stays up. Honestly, we just bullshit all day. We just do and say stupid stuff all day long and that somehow keeps us sane.”

Q: “What would you guys say to someone that is thinking about doing that crazy thing… that has this dream but they feel like it’s too scary to go do? What motivation or advice would you give them?”

A: “So many platitudes come into mind. As we grow older, we realized that there is a reason that things have been said.. There is a reason people say chase your dreams. I would say, honestly, what is there to lose? It’s just doing it. I think that‘s what scares people. Just starting is the hardest. Don’t get hung up on the ‘vision’ cause it’s never going to be what you imagined.”

“At the end of the day, making wine or making music is pretty fucking cool. There’s a lot of struggle, but there is going to be struggle in anything you do. At least you can struggle in the thing that you WANT to do.”

“To be able to navigate and persevere…that’s what it’s all about. That’s what we try to convey. It’s so easy to say that you can do anything you want. You don’t just have to run the race. You can go do anything. If our stories collectively can tell people something, it should be that. That it doesn’t all have to be in that little square.”