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A poster of The Score

The Score

The Score, an alt-rock band out of Los Angeles, has been on the rise since 2015 when their single, “Oh My Love” was featured in a commercial for the British supermarket Asda. Soon after, The Score, comprised of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover, was catapulted into success and they were signed to Republic Records. Since then, their singles have been featured on HBO hit shows, the new Power Rangers film and during the NBA Playoffs March Madness pre-show programming. Their newest EP, Myths & Legends, was just released on April 14th.

We want to inspire you to chase your dreams. We’re excited to feature The Score in the special launch of HEADLINERS UNCORKED. With songs like “Legend”, “Unstoppable”, and “Revolutionary”, their sound and message represents our mission to fight for your passions and follow your dreams.  And despite The Score’s  early success, no journey is ever easy. We had the opportunity to ask The Score a few questions about their story, what struggles they faced along the way, and how they REVOLT against what’s holding them back.



Q: When did you two decided to start making music together?

A: We met through a mutual friend in New York City about six years ago. At first we were trying to write and produce songs for other artists, but a year and a half into doing that we had a collection of these songs that sounded like a band. Shortly after that we decided to start a band and to start playing those songs live and that’s how “The Score” was formed.

Q: What bands or artists have influenced you musically growing up, and now as your careers are taking off?

A: Growing up we came from totally different musical backgrounds. I (Eddie) grew up on my dad’s classic rock albums and Motown records. I was into anything from Zeppelin, Elton John, The Police, Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Edan grew up on jazz and liked classic jazz guys like Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, etc. Currently we’re all over the map musically. Right now we’re listening to the new Cold War Kids, Imagine Dragons, Kaleo, Zayn, PartyNextDoor…it goes on and on.

Q: As The Score, has there ever been a point where the dream seemed too far away and you thought about giving up? If so, how did you two decide to overcome walking away?

A: We’ve definitely had our moments before we were signed where we were just praying to catch a break. I don’t think we ever thought about giving up, but it definitely has been a rollercoaster and even to this day we work very hard everyday to get further along in our career.

Q: Our name, REVOLT, means to seize the moment, have no regrets, and follow your dreams. What does your name mean to you?

A: Your name definitely has more of a meaning behind it. We needed a band name basically the day of our first show and every idea we had before was awful…so so bad. There was an article in GQ or Esquire magazine that we had read at Edan’s apartment that day titled “The Score” and that just sounded good to us. It’s funny because the term “The Score” is so applicable to music, so it’s kind of ironic.

Q: In your song “Revolution”, you guys sing “Can’t let time keep passing me by, run down what I’ve always been chasing, black out every fear I’ve been facing”. What have been your biggest fears with moving to LA and chasing your dreams?

A: I think our biggest fear moving to LA was just being lost in the crowd and failing when you know that you’re good enough. LA isn’t that big, but everyone is in music here it seems like. We were afraid that we’d never get noticed, but we knew that moving here would definitely give us the best chance to succeed. In the end, moving to LA was the best decision we ever made as a band.

Q: We have a saying to “REVOLT against whatever is holding you back”. Have you had to turn away from someone/something that was limiting your potential as artists?

A: Yeah. Sadly, we had to turn away- or rather move away from New York City. Edan grew up in New York and I (Eddie) went to college out there and we met in NYC shortly after. That city really shaped us as musicians and songwriters and we got our legs as a band there. It was hard to say goodbye, but all the action was in LA so we both decided to basically drop what we had in NYC and move. We still love New York City and that was a hard, but necessary decision for us.

Q: Your new EP, Myths & Legends, was just released on April 14th. What kind of sound are we getting on this EP, and what’s up next for The Score?

A: We’re really proud of this EP. There’s definitely more of a rock influence on this EP with more guitars and thematically it’s kind of about what’s been going on in our lives. There’s songs that are there to pump up and inspire the listener, basically anthems for anyone feeling like they’re being told they can’t do something.

Q: What advice do you have for your fans who feel held back or like giving up on their dreams?

A: Our advice would be to keep fighting for what you love. We fight everyday to do music and it hasn’t always been easy. Some days are going to be better than others and you’ll fall along the way, but if you get up it makes whatever you’re doing worth it.