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Faulkner, based out of Venice, California and New York City, is an alternative rock band with bicoastal influence in their music and their attitude. Founded in 2013, Faulkner has created their own sound and their own movement with musical influences spawning from N.W.A to The Clash. Their debut EP, Revanchist, was released in 2016, featuring singles such as Revolutionary and Ny Anthem which has been featured on ESPN.  And get excited – they’re getting ready to release their debut full-length album this summer. There are little hints about what to expect, but as noted on Faulkner’s Facebook page, “The less you know about Faulkner, the more you know about Faulkner.”

Recently, we got to connect with Faulkner at a small show in Los Angeles, and saw them rock the crowd with their high-energy sound. As a band with big energy and even bigger dreams, we can expect to see a lot more of them very soon.

We got to ask them a few questions about their journey, their sound, and their REVOLUTION.  Here’s what they had to say:



1. What or who inspired each of you to get into music and eventually, start a group together?

The “what” in this case is more important than “who”. It’s the desire to do what we love most and that’s writing, recording and performing music. Once the four of us got together in 2013 and started playing it felt great and we loved how the music was coming together.

2. What sacrifices, if any, did you have to make to pursue music fully? Was that an easy decision?

One can argue that missing the wedding of a sibling to be on tour a sacrifice. Turning down lucrative offers to work for a company also perhaps a sacrifice. Breaking up with a partner due to the time devoted to music could also fall into that category. All of these have happened but they are not sacrifices. They are choices in the pursuit of a personal and collective happiness as well as fulfillment.

3. Your debut EP, Revanchist, came out in 2016. It features singles such as Revolutionary and These Kids Nowadays. Notably, you guys worked with RZA from Wu Tang Clan on Ny Anthem. How proud of that EP are you guys and how was it working with a legend like RZA?

We’re very proud of it. We put a lot of effort into it and we are very happy with how it sounds. Our collaboration with RZA came right at the end of making the EP and it was a great learning experience. He is one of the most intelligent and cool people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. He applied his vast musical knowledge, philosophy and even numerology into the making of NY Anthem.

4. You guys have a very unique sound – what artists inspired the tracks on Revanchist?

The Clash, David Bowie and Dr. Dre

5. We’re excited to see what’s next. When can we expect new music from Faulkner?

We have finished the full album and actually working on some new material right now. We should have a release in the next couple of months.

6. We preach to “REVOLT against whatever is holding you back”, encouraging others to follow their passions despite roadblocks along the way. Have you ever had to turn away from someone or something that was limiting your potential as artists?

We usually cut loose way before something or someone starts holding us back. We’re pretty good at sniffing any potential hazards out and quickly steer away.

7. Our name, REVOLT, means to seize the moment, live on the edge, and have no regrets. What does your band name, Faulkner, mean for you?

Maybe we should change our name to REVOLT then because that pretty much sums up our lifestyle. FAULKNER has a different meaning for each member to remain in secrecy.

8. In your song, Revolutionary, you guys sing “I’d start a revolution/ A turn of the page/ Rebels and the misfits / The world is our stage”. What’s your revolution?

It starts with a personal revolution. An individual stand against any actions and ideas that are fundamentally different from our own. Our vehicle for that is music and If that spirals out to a more of a collective effort then so be it.

9. What are some dreams each of you are chasing, or the group as a whole?

Perform on every stage on every corner of the world and reach as many people as possible.

10. Are there ever moments where you think about giving up or the big dream seems too hard to achieve? If so, what inspires you to keep going despite that feeling?

No and no. Us 4, our music, our great team and fans are all we need to keep going.

11. What advice do you have for your fans that may have big dreams, but are scared to chase it or feel held back?

To consider that we don’t know how long we will be here for so why not try. To look around and see how many people never even chased after their dreams and are left wondering. To not settle. To stay lucid no matter how many blows they take.

Much love,



Check out Faulkner’s single, Revolutionary.