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Wild Eyes

A powerful duo, Crystal Douesnard and Thomas Moore, have created an authentic sound in WildEyes, a rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Despite their classic rock beats, WildEyes has an upbeat, modern sound sure to get everyone on their feet. In 2016, they released their debut EP, Know Me Now, featuring singles such as the self-titled WildEyes and an acoustic rock ballad, Remember.  Though their journey is just getting started, they have already built a loyal fan base in Los Angeles and created a distinct sound that is hard to ignore. With plans to tour in the near future, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot of WildEyes very soon.



1. Each of you started playing music individually. What brought you all together to start WildEyes?

Crystal: Interestingly enough, Thomas and I actually met on tour in our previous bands and realized that we had extremely similar ,but also very unique, music tastes. After some time and some changes we thought it would be a good idea to try writing together and it worked out really well. There’s a little influence from us both and you can see that in our music.

2.  Making it in LA is not easy. Have any of you had to make any sacrifices or turn away from someone who was a detractor to your success in order to pursue making music?

Thomas: It is extremely difficult to make it in LA but the people that we have been working with are amazing. You just have to weed out the people that don’t have have your best interest. We are lucky enough to be working with people who are on the same page with us musically and mentally.

3.  There’s definitely a classic rock sound in your music. What bands or artists have inspired you each through the years and have influenced your current tracks?

Crystal: I come from a musical theatre background, actually. So I really appreciate performers and strong vocalists. I love Michael Jackson, Journey, Lady Gaga…the theatrical artists. But I also really love raw emotion and lyrical content like My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars…stuff like that! Thomas has recently opened my eyes to some metal bands that I love now like Iron Maiden. I take a lot of stage influence from Bruce Dickinson.

Thomas: Growing up in the Redondo Beach area, bands like Blink-182 and The Offspring were huge influences on me early on. Then when I first heard Metallica when I was 11, they made me want to pick up the guitar. After that it was all metal from there. Bands like Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Led Zeppelin had a serious affect on my guitar playing. I like to incorporate metal with the catchiness of rock/pop music to make something interesting.

4.  Your debut EP, Know Me Now, was released in 2016. How was the recording process and how excited were you guys to finally release those tracks?

Crystal: We recorded with Nick Zagorin (he also produced the record) at Suburban Soul Studio,  for a pretty long time before releasing it. Almost a year of writing and recording went into it.

It was honestly so rewarding. We learned so much about ourselves and our music and to hear the songs that we had written come to life like that was so incredible.

5.  Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

Thomas: I’m constantly listening to music, new and old. I like to take inspiration from both spectrums by writing modern guitar parts that have a bit of a nostalgic twist to them. It’s also great because Crystal and I are able to be really honest with eachother in what we are writing. We throw ideas off of eachother all the time.

Crystal: All of my inspiration for lyrics come from my personal experiences. I really believe that people know and feel if you’re being genuine in your music and if you really mean what you say. So I try to take whatever I’m feeling and work it into a melody that fits over Thomas’ guitar parts.

6.  It’s so great to see a female lead in a rock band. Do you think that has made it harder to be taken seriously or is it actually an advantage?

Crystal: It definitely falls on both ends of the spectrum depending on what it’s about. I definitely think it’s an advantage when we are playing somewhere that people haven’t really heard of us before and the fact that there is a chick singing grabs their attention. Also, it makes it so that our music can appeal to more than just one genre. It can sound rock, pop, and metal all at the same time.

On the other hand, sometimes I feel that people sometimes assume that I know less about music or equipment. Also, I think people still have a hard time realizing that women still have to grind just as hard to make things happen.

7.  Our name, REVOLT, means to seize the moment, live on the edge, and have no regrets. How did you get the name WildEyes and what does it mean to you?

Crystal: Well if you listen to the self-titled song, “Wild Eyes” on our EP, there’s a lyric that says, “stories that stay inside, but you always have wild eyes”.

WildEyes really just means that no matter what is going on in your life or inside yourself, you have to let your true self shine through. No matter what, it’s just so much better when you aren’t allowing anyone to hold you back from what you really want or who you really are.

8.  We tell our followers to “REVOLT against whatever is holding you back”. Have you ever encountered huge obstacles that have made you question your journey? If so, how did you overcome those roadblocks?

Thomas: There’s always the personal obstacle of always wanting to be a better musician and songwriter.

Crystal: Yeah, I agree. Everything is personal. It’s the cycle of creating something, questioning yourself, sometimes getting angry and having to learn to be at peace with it all. Your biggest obstacle is always yourself.

9.  What are some personal dreams or goals each of you have for the group or individually?

Thomas: To have our own “Behind The Music” Special minus the “going to rehab” segment. 😉

I just want to create music that genuinely connects with people.

Crystal: I want WildEyes to be known for its connections with the audience. No matter how the art changes or how we change in the future, I hope that people can always pick it up and relate to it.

10.  What inspires you to keep chasing your dreams on days where it seems too hard to achieve?

Crystal: The world needs more dreamers and more people that aren’t afraid to do what they love. More now than ever. Anything that makes people connect is enough for me to keep going. There are days where I may feel like I’m not good enough, just like everyone else, but I also know that people who accomplish great things in the world work through that.

Thomas: Knowing that something new can be created every day is exciting. The constant journey is what keeps me going because it never gets boring.

11.  What advice would you give to your fans or other young artists who are chasing their dreams, but are scared or feel held back?

Thomas: It sounds generic, but don’t give up what you want no matter what anyone tells you. Never be comfortable and always be on your toes. Anything can change at any second. Always do what makes YOU happy and don’t try to please anybody.

12.  We’re excited to see what’s coming up for you guys. What can we expect from WildEyes this year?

Crystal: Well, we just got picked up by EJ Shannon Management (he also manages The Faceless) and we are so excited to be working with him. We have some really great plans for this year! We just filmed our first music video for our song, “Messin’ Around”, with Sam Leabo! He has done some really great video work with I See Stars as well. We can’t wait to release that to everyone.

We are also planning for some touring as well so definitely stay tuned!  And of course we are super stoked to be working with REVOLT wine as well!

The rest is to be continued.

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