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A poster of Iration


Iration is an alternative/reggae group of musicians formed in Isla Vista, CA. A deep-rooted reggae influence is fused with elements of rock and pop to create smooth original sounds – “We’re all about luv”, states the band. The group is made up of members Joseph Dickens (Drums), Joseph King (Engineer), Cayson Peterson (Keyboard/Synth), Micah Pueschel (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Adam Taylor (Bass), and Micah Brown (Guitar/Vocals). All of the members of Iration met while growing up in Hawaii but formed the band after reconnecting in Santa Barbara, CA – the exception being Micah Brown who officially joined the group in 2014.

Iration has been touring nationally since 2008, performing at national festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Hangout, and many others. These Hawaiian-bred musicians look forward to spreading their original sound and Aloha spirit all the while never forgetting to get a surf in when possible.

We hope that by sharing their story and music you’ll be inspired to make your own dreams a reality.  (Bio from https://www.irationmusic.com/)


Interview with Adam Taylor (Bass)

Music is all about luv!
Q: Was there a defining moment where you realized you could turn your hobby for music into a career?

A: We put out this EP called Sample This with the song Falling on it and we had our first headline gig at the Roxy in Hollywood. It was our CD release party and our manager was like, “The CD is number 3 on iTunes and the show is sold out!” And we’re like, “the show’s sold out?” “What the heck, we’ve never done that before.” So the CD was very well received and that was a point where I was like “Woah, maybe we can actually do this.” Because I mean when you start playing, it’s not like you think “I’m going to start playing in this band and do it forever.” You do it because it’s really fun and it was a hobby while you were going to college. And the fact that it turned into this thing that after I get my degree, I pursue music, is great.


Q: You guys have been around for over 10 years and have released 4 albums. So what’s next? What is a goal that you are still trying to hit?

A: I’ve always wanted to headline Red Rocks. We’ve played there a bunch as the direct support, so right under the headliner. That’s just something that every show we play in the Denver area just grows and grows a little more, so I think that once that hits, I’ll feel really good about everything. I mean for me, when we were playing in the garages and the parties in Isla Vista, my goal was just to be able to play at the Santa Barbara Bowl. We’ve headlined there and played a bunch of shows there, so that was to me an unattainable goal. And now that we’ve reached that, it’s like, “Ok, what’s next?” So I would say that Red Rocks is next.


Q: That’s important. Even though you’ve achieved a certain level of achievement and success you don’t just coast. You still have goals and dreams as an artist and an individual.

A: Yeah. Even with our new album we are experimenting with more modern tones and not as traditional reggae. I like evolving. As we grow older, the music changes, but you always stay true to that style that you started with, that reggae foundation, but are able to shape it. And it’s cool because I go out sometimes and I see kids who say, “I want to go to UCSB because that’s where Jack Johnson, Rebelution and Iration came out of.” It’s cool to inspire kids.


Q: On that note, I always like to leave people with a takeaway. Is there a piece of advice you would give fans who are on the edge of pursuing that wild dream they’ve always had but are scared?

A: First and foremost I think you have to be honest with yourself. One part of it is your drive and perseverance but I also think that you have to have a certain amount of talent in that field. You have to be true and be like, “Do I have enough to perform on that level?” I know people won’t always feel that but that is important. And you can put all the hours in the world in but if you don’t have that little bit of talent it might not ever go anywhere. But once you feel like you have that talent then it’s just perseverance and putting everything into it.

So we’ll take that as; get out there, perfect your skill or craft, then persevere like hell!