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A poster of The Project Analogue

Project Analogue

This week discover new music from local San Diego band, Project Analogue. Check out more about their story, sound and future projects.



1.  So tell us about Project Analogue.  How did you come together?

Well, the long and short of it is Joey had started Project Analogue with a different line up.  When the original members went on to do other things, he recruited Johanna (we just call her Motos) who had helped out with vocals on a previous project.  She was co-workers with Payton and he came over shortly after.  Loren had jammed with Joey a while back and so when he freed up from another band, he joined too.

2.  With different backgrounds and music preferences, was it tough to blend your experiences and create your own unique sound and style?

Yeah our individual preferences and backgrounds are pretty different.  Motos is probably the biggest Beatles fan you’ll meet under 30.  Payton’s a big fan of Rush, Joey learned to play guitar because of Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins and Loren’s favourite band is Broken Social Scene.  In terms of our sound, we would describe it as “shoegaze pop.”  There’s a lot of quiet/heavy 90’s style dynamics but with a lot of pop sensibilities.

3.  Our mission at REVOLT is to inspire people to pursue their passions through the power of wine and music; to REVOLT against anything holding you back.  Are there any memorable times in your music careers where you felt like giving up but pushed through and kept going?

Hmmm… I think being in a band is tough, you’ve got 4 people, where basically the only connecting thread to each other is the music.  I’d say it’s easiest to be in a band where you can be friends with each other, the more common interests the better.  We’ve been fortunate to all be friends and I think that aids in the longevity we’ve played together.

4.  We’re digging your album “Koko Hates Drums.. Sometimes.” Do the title and cover have any connection? What’s the story behind it?

That’s Joey’s dog Koko on the cover.  At first she didn’t really like drums but nowadays sleeps in our practice area while we practice.  Guess she doesn’t mind anymore.  Or she’s deaf.  The album after that is called “Don’t Punch the Table” which was taken from something Joey’s son said.  The cover for that one is a picture from some random bus stop in eastern Europe..

5.  Being a San Diego based band, what are some of your favorite local places to perform?

We would love to play the Belly Up one day, but as far as favourite places, we’ve had some pretty fun shows at the Merrow.  There’s been some good shows at the Soda Bar as well.

6.  Tell us about one of your breakthrough moments as a band and one you still look forward to achieving.  

The last song on Koko Hates Drums…Sometimes called Pellegrino had a really cool vocal arrangement that led to a build to end the song in a crescendo.  This was one of the first songs that we wrote together and  I remember while we were in the studio recording that part, when we finally got all the vocals together and heard it, we were like ahh yeah… this is good stuff!

I think one thing that probably every band is trying to achieve is that moment when what you hear in your head is exactly what comes out when you play.  But in terms of just playing, I’d like to get to a point in time where you could play a show and the lights would turn on to the audience and you’d see a sea of people you don’t know singing your song.

7.  Wine, just like music, is a medium that connects people with one another.  What do you hope your listeners connect with and pull from your music?

I think lyrically Joey’s lyrics tend to thematically revolve around not screwing up, juggling the world and hoping to handle it.  Motos’ lyrics are very introspective and  personal and talk a lot about moments in her life.  I think if anyone listens to our stuff and it inspires a feeling like, they’re not alone in something they’re feeling, I think that’d be pretty awesome.

8.  Do you have any fun stories involving wine?

Hehe, most of these stories start of great and then end with vomit.

9. Starting a band and pursuing your music dreams definitely isn’t easy.  What advice would you give to fans that are on the fence about pursuing their own wild and crazy dream?

Just write a ton of songs.  The way to get started is just to keep writing.  At first your songs are gonna suck but the more you write the better you’ll get.

10.  So what’s up next?  What can we expect to see from Project Analogue in the future?

We’re currently recording an EP that’s about 50% done.  Look for that to come out soon.  And by soon I probably mean early next year haha..


More Info:  Bandcamp // Facebook // Sound Cloud