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A poster of Lad’s Holiday

Lad’s Holiday

From their vibrant, floral shirts, to their energetic sound and an upcoming EP – Lad’s Holiday talks about coming together as a band, pursuing your dreams, their musical inspirations and a hilarious Tour de Franzia.



1.  We heard that Cody and Liam met through Craigslist and later on, Skyler and John joined. What was your relationship with music prior to coming together as Lad’s Holiday?

Music has always been an integral part of our lives – we all grew up playing in bands developing our style. We all have different musical influences and backgrounds, which adds an interesting dynamic to our sound and the way we play. We really believe we are in a great spot right now and that things have come together this way for a reason. Liam moved from Manchester, England to California 2 years ago to pursue music and I (Cody) am the first person he met via another band on Craigslist… it’s funny how things just work out. Also I met Skyler and John both on Instagram…it is crazy how the internet and technology can help bring people together today.

2.  We encourage others to move forward in the direction of their dreams. What has your journey looked like to get to this point and what obstacles have overcome to continue following your music dreams?

Collectively our paths have gone all over… we all have jobs outside of music to help fund the band and chase this dream. The biggest thing is to overcome all of the negativity. You will hear things like “that’s never going to happen” or “you’re not good enough” etc, etc. Trying to brush off those comments and stay positive is the most crucial part of trying to make it. Something we say from time to time is “Fake it till you make it” … it really helps keep us in the mindset that bigger things can happen if we work hard enough. Overall staying patient, trusting your vision and being persistent will take you a long way.

3.  We dig your energetic, alternative sound along with the floral shirts and the inflatable zebras. How did this style come to be?

It was kind of an accident to be honest. When I first met Liam I invited him on a guys trip (or “dudes weekend” if you will ) and he responds with “What, mate? like a Lad’s Holiday” (Liam’s rough translation to me was … Lads = mates or dudes… and Holiday = vacation/trip). I really got a kick out of that and we settled on the band name shortly after. The theme really encompasses our personalities as a whole and brings a fun vibe to our live performances. We also have a giant pineapple costume that we throw out in the crowd and let people wear/dance around it… it’s all good fun and our motto is “performers first, musicians second.”

4.  Who are some of your musical inspirations?

That is a difficult but simple question to answer. As a band we are going for a sound like (and influenced by): Catfish and the Bottlemen, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Sundara Karma, Bad Suns, The Hunna, Foals, etc. However, we each have very different musical influences. John is a classically trained Jazz drummer, Skyler also has his own Reggae Rock band, Liam use to be in a classic rock band… I have more of a indie alternative/punk rock background. We all overlap on the classics like Zeppelin, the Eagles, Hendrix, Queen, etc. and some other artists/genres.

5.  We’re excited for the new EP release in January. How has your music and writing style evolved your first EP to this one?

Our song writing and structure has improved immensely … we have been working on the EP for several months and already have new material in the works for after this drops. Our sound is developing nicely and this EP will sound a bit different than the last. Our sound is falling into the spot we have been looking for and we plan to begin writing our first full length album this coming year.

6.  If you could choose a style of wine to describe your sound, what style would you choose? 

I would have to say we are a spiked holiday wine (is that a thing?)… because we are packed with mouth-watering, jib tickling jives that will keep you bouncing on your toes all night. We are best paired with any (and all) other libations, as well as, California burritos…. definitely California burritos.

7.  Do you happen to have any funny stories involving wine that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

We would love to share but we don’t remember them….. Kidding! (sort of) I once did a Tour de Franzia with my friends… Here is the Tour de Franzia in a nutshell: somehow we found 2 tandem bikes that a friends parents had stored away in the back of a garage. The rules were, each team had to finish a box of wine during the tour, you could only drink while you were on the bike and you had to complete a minimum of 3 laps around the neighborhood before you could finish. Each team had 3 members and you had to swap one person every lap… it was quite entertaining… my team won and the other had a few crashes and did not finish. It lead to a hilarious evening as that was just the pre game…

8.  Looking towards the future, what goals do you have for Lad’s Holiday?

The future is all about our music. We will continue to mature as songwriters and hone in on our live performances. We are sitting in a good spot now to begin approaching people in the music industry and see if we can truly give this a shot. Our goals are ultimately to find management and sign to a label. In the meantime we will continue booking large shows and grow our following.

9.  What advice have you been given on your journey that’s stuck with you and helps you keep

One of the most helpful things that we were told starting out was to get out and play a lot of shows, develop our skills on stage and become a tight band – once you have those skills then, that is the time you start approaching people. You only get one chance for a first impression and we have taken that to heart. We keep getting better and better every show and truly feel we are hitting our stride. We are beyond pumped to be selected for Springboard West Music Festival this year and are stoked to network and show everyone what we have.

10. What would you tell a fan or friend who is on the fence about going after a crazy dream but is scared and on the fence?

Just go for it and don’t over think. Block out any negative influencers and commit to your dream. You can achieve almost anything you want by being persistent and driven. In the end you will be happy that you tried and went for it regardless of the outcome!.


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