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A poster of The Frights

The Frights

Photo: www.thefrights.com

Take a look at what lead singer, Mikey Carnevale, had to say about becoming a band, their sound, evolving over time, funny wine stories and future projects.



1.  How did you three come together to form The Frights?

We were all friends in high school. We used to play shows together when we were in separate bands. Then once all of our friends went away to college, Richard and I were left in San Diego where we started yet another band. Basically we were just constantly working on new music in other bands until finally we decided to stop caring and did a show completely for fun, and it turned out that was how The Frights started. We met our manager backstage and collectively shit our pants when he offered us a record deal. W were so young. So yea we started as a big fucking joke.

2. Being from San Diego, what was it like emerging on to the music scene with your style and sound?

Being from San Diego makes it easier simply because you’re not in LA competing with a billion bands that sound just like you.I firmly believe we wouldn’t be where we are if we were an LA band. I mean Marc lives in LA now, and Richard lives in Long Beach. I still live in San Diego as well as our other guitarist Jordan. So were still a San Diego band. Musically, i think San Diego is widely responsible for our sound. Its very (i hate that I’m about to say this) chill down here. Its true, and i think being in that environment and writing as compared to writing in LA, there’s very little stress. All that being said, we don’t surf. Sorry San Diego, were not THAT local.

3.  What are some of your favorite bands and artists? Who do you credit for your sound and music?

We’re all over the place as far as inspiration. It changes always, which is why we change every record I guess. Being complacent would be super boring though. ANYWAYS, Beach Boys, Weezer, this are the big ones. We started though because we loved bands like FIDLAR. But now were older and FIDLAR is for babies. jk, Zac.

4.  The music video for “Makeout Point” is hilarious and chaotic. What was it like to create a music video like that and whats the meaning behind it?

That was the most fun I personally had doing music videos. I think that was the last one we did that was like %100 carefree fuck it if this turns out type bad attitude. Not that the other videos are bad, Richard does an amazing job, but  that was the last video I remember making where it was just being stupid with my friends. Oh, and there’s absolutely no meaning behind it. People thought we were saying “fuck burger records” because we were smashing burgers. while that is funny, its not true. We just had a tight budget and hamburgers were cheap.

5.  Our mission at REVOLT is to inspire people to pursue their passion through the power of music and wine; to REVOLT against anything holding you back. Any memorable times in your music careers where you wanted to through in the towel but kept going?

I constantly get down about it and wanna give up. Doing music like this as a career, its not what anyone thinks its like. It’s fucking savage. People are mean. You get your feelings hurt about stupid shit. I’m constantly second guessing why its even important and why I shouldn’t just go work with my dad and make better money. But then I remember its not gonna last forever and I should ride this thing till it dies. Because I didn’t go to college so i don’t have those “college memories” but I’m doing something almost no one gets to experience, which is nuts. One day when it dies (and it will) I can look back and say I did my best. Also, wine helps a lot.

6.  You Are Going to Hate This  was produced by Zac Carper, front man of FIDLAR. What was it like working with Zac and producing such a killer album?

It was great. I loved/love that band dude, changed my life. Zac’s a brother. I’ll talk a bunch of shit to him and about him for fun but honestly, just a good guy to have on your team. And he gets it. We get each other. Especially musically. He knows how to push my buttons. For better or worse, and he’s a great producer. Wait till you hear the next one..

7.  How would you say your style of music has evolved from Dead Beach to You Are Going to Hate This?

I mean besides the obvious, we just grew up a bit. Different problems. And now I look back at You Are Going to Hate This and think “wow I thought I had it bad then” hahaha. Just Kidding. Kinda. But we’ve just grown as musicians and I think I’ve grown as a songwriter. I take more time. I don’t rush.

8.  Congrats on your current tour with Hockey Dad and Vundabar. What is it like being on a nationwide tour?

It’s tiring. It’s the best. It’s a love/hate deal. But the best out weighs the worst, always.

9. Whats up next? What can we expect to see from The Frights in the future?

New record. More touring. But new record most importantly.

10.  Do you have any funny stories involving wine?

Hm, a few years back I was trying to open a bottle of wine with our van key and I snapped the key off in the cork and we had to call AAA to make a new key. Right in front of the venue. Awkward. Also 99% of my shirts have wine stains on them.

11.  You guys definitely know how to have fun and have a hilarious sense of humor. On a serious note though, pursuing dreams is crazy tough. What advice would you give fans who are on the fence about pursuing a wild and crazy idea?

Just do it -Nike jk,  but seriously fucking do it. If it doesn’t work who cares, you can bounce back. Music is the best thing in the world. Literally saves lives. I know that’s cheesy, but it does. And if all else fails, get a job plumbing with your dad. That’s what I’ll do.


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