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A poster of the Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius

Keith Jeffery– Vocals/Guitar
Michael Jeffery – Drums


Interview at El Rey Theatre, LA

Comfort zones are dangerous places to live
-Atlas Genius
Q: What keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going after your dream?

A: “If the band’s playing good and you’re playing in front of thousands of people that are going off, that itself is a reward and that’s inspiring! I guess there’s just a lot of music to make and wanting to express ourselves. And knowing that you’re getting closer to being able to do that.”

“It’s like when like you’re a kid and you want to draw and it’s all over the place and you’re coloring all over the fucking place. You know what you want to do in your head and in your head it looks
awesome but you can’t make your hands do it. And you get better and better and eventually by the time you’re 30, you can color in between the lines. With music as well it’s like that. You know what you want it to be and you hear stuff you admire and the more you do it, the better you get at expressing yourself. I don’t think you ever feel like you’re there. You have moments where you’re like, that was exactly right but then you get to that place and you’re like, I want to be over here. There’s always more growing to get to the next point.”