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A poster of New Politics

New Politics

New Politics has such an inspiring story and are the perfect example of a group who has put themselves out there, taken huge risks, and are continuing to make their dreams a reality. Inspiring and touching fans along the way with their infectious energy and meaningful lyrics.

Their journey started in 2009 when they sent a couple of songs into a hometown, Danish radio station and out of 973 bands that entered, they were among the top 4 winners and went on to play in a major Danish music festival.

Fast forward to today – they’ve relocated to the US, released 4 albums, landed a major record deal with Warner Bros. Records, performed at South by Southwest, have toured and opened for 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Bad Suns, and just wrapped up the Unity Tour with 311.

We hope that by sharing their story and music you’ll be inspired to make your own dreams a reality.


Interview with New Politics

Life’s too short to take it as it comes
-New Politics
Q: You have a really awesome energy and realness to your lyrics. Music, like wine, is a platform to evoke emotion and connect with people. What message do you hope fans pull from your music?

A: We hope that our music brings people together and allows them to escape reality for just a little and listen. We’ve seen so many fans of ours become best friends through coming to our shows. We also hope that people pull whatever they want from our songs. Whether it’s getting through a bad day, as long as it’s positive to the listener we’re all happy.


Q: Tell us about a time that you remember being close to throwing in the towel and it would have been so easy to quit, but you kept going and are now where you are today.

A: I think one of the bigger challenges of being a musician is when you put all your blood sweat and tears into a song and it doesn’t get the response you want. It’s not always easy to fake a smile and roll through it but you do because we love what we do and most of all our fans.


Q: What’s next for the band and what can we expect from your new album Lost in Translation?

A: We plan to tour tour tour and keep writing as always. We’re very proud of Lost In Translation and it’s our most personal album yet. I think this is the most expressive we’ve been, as well as honest. The band faced a lot of change during the writing process – from one of us becoming a father and most of us moving to different states, we’ve gone through some serious life changes. It makes for great song writing material!


Q: What advice would you give to fans who are on the edge about going after that crazy dream they’ve always had?

A: If your heart is in it all the way then stick it out and go with it. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott” – Louis Vecchio


Q: Any funny stories you can share involving wine?

A: On this current tour me and a few of our crew guys bought a bunch of vino on day off and made our own charcuterie plates on the bus. It was super fancy with paper plates and plastic cups. We ended up going through 4 bottles of wine. It was a blast. I love wine!


Check out their latest single “ONE OF US”: