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A poster of Wild Planes

Wild Planes

Photo: Justin Frabasile

Wild Planes is a pop/rock band based out of New York City consisting of Lead Singer/Guitarist Kris Carmello, Lead Guitarist Sean Mac, Bassist Jimmy “Ray” Hoag, and Drummer Andre Jevnik. Being labeled as a fun band with an unmatched energy and a big personality, Wild Planes is on the rise in the music industry.  Blending elements of pop, rock, funk, and R&B, Wild Planes is creating timeless music that everybody can enjoy.    

Check out what Drummer Andre Jevnik had to say about their journey and where they’re heading.



1.  You guys are relatively new, having started in January of 2016.  How did you all come together to form Wild Planes?

This is a long story lol In short, myself, Andre Jevnik (drummer) and Kris Carmello (Lead Singer) met in community college. I was playing in another band at the time and our guitarist left. Kris ended up filling in for us and him and I hit it off. We knew each other from class but once we traveled to play, we clicked! Since then, we stood together writing songs and trying to form our own band. We ended up working with a manager for awhile and that also fell through.  Two years goes by and by this time Kris and Myself had some songs recorded.  We were able to land a show at the great Irving Plaza NYC which holds about 1000 people; so…….we NEEDED a band.  We went in 110% and started asking around. Jimmy joined the band after a couple rehearsals, we met him a year prior at a show. Sean joined around the same time, we met Sean at a show that myself and Kris went to in our local area. Once the lineup was formed, we changed the name to Wild Planes.

2.  You guys have such an infectious energy and fun presence on stage!  The demands of being a musician can be very tough and that energy can be hard to maintain.  How do you stay motivated to keep going and push through?

Thank you very much! Not to sound cheesy but that is actually how we are all the time. How we act onstage is how we are off stage, anyone who knows us will agree!  Of course you have a bad day, but all of us are able to just keep ourselves grounded and positive. Everything motivates us! Being in this band is motivating, hunting for new opportunities is motivating and being able to travel all over the country is beyond motivating. When we hit the stage, our goal is to make every single person move and have a blast. There can be a homeless guy walking past the club or venue we’re playing in and if he hears us….we hope he’s having a good time!

3.  Can you tell us about some of the obstacles you’ve overcome to get where you are today.

There are so many obstacles when forming a band as well as maintaining it. We all have faced so much being in other bands as well as stuff in our personal lives. With Wild Planes, we are taking what we learned from our past experiences and applying them to us. Since we are a DIY band, we have to book, market and brand ourselves. There is still much to learn and overcome, but we love the challenge.

4.  Where do you find inspiration for your music?  Have there been artists who have helped shape and influence your style?

We love all kinds of music. What we try to do is take everything that we like and mold it into our sound. We are all hard rockers at heart but we shape the sound with our funky/Pop vibe. Our favorite “go to” bands that we love are Earth Wind & Fire, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses and Bruno Mars. What inspires us, is listening to these records and trying to understand why they played this, and added that etc.  All in all, the most important thing for us is to try and get everyone’s ideas in the song. We all write these songs together and enjoy starting from nothing and having something.

5.  Music, much like wine, is a medium to connect and talk with your fans.  What message or feeling do you hope people get when they hear your music or see you perform?

Our mission when writing a song and performing live is to give people the best show we possibly can. We are always running around talking to people, promoting the band but also just enjoying everyone’s company. We exude positivity and fun which we hope makes everyone else want to feel that way too.

6.  Our name, REVOLT, means to overcome any obstacle holding you back and to pursue that dream you’ve always had but have maybe been too scared to act on.  How did you come up with the name Wild Planes and what does that mean to you?

Well the name in all honesty means nothing. We only changed it from Whyte Planes to Wild Planes.  The name does compliment our personalities because we do love flying and we are wild.

7. What can we expect in the future from Wild Planes?

We have some fun shows lined up as well as a music video release for our song “Tell Nobody.”  We will be in South Carolina end of August, Toronto, Canada for Indie Week, as well as other shows in New York City etc.  We are excited about the future and the new opportunities that await.  We don’t have a release date for the music video release, but it will be coming out very soon!

8.  What does success look like for the band?  What are some defining moments you look forward to achieving as musicians?

Success for us is having some hit singles and touring the globe. Living the dream! As long as we can play our music and make a living doing it, that is success for us. We already have had so many great moments performing with Cee Lo Green, Def Leppard and all these other fun festivals. We are hoping to play bigger festivals and shows in next coming year, as well as land a booking agent who can get us those bigger opportunities.

9.  What advice would you give to fans that have their own wild dreams but are on the fence about going after them?

No matter what, you have to at least try. You don’t want to go through life with any regret. You have to turn a “what if” into a “why not.”  At the same time, make sure you have the skills to achieve the dream.  Lastly, don’t let ANYONE bring you down and get in the way of that dream.


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