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A poster of Blonde Roses

Blonde Roses

Emerging onto the New Orleans music scene, Blonde Roses is a talented, five piece band featuring lead vocalist Molly Mikhael. Molly opens up about the band’s history, coming together, their inspirations and the future. Grab a glass a wine and get to know the Blonde Roses!

Photo: Brennon Fain



1.  What got you involved in music and what was it like coming together and forming a five piece band?

I was 15 years old and attending my first Jazzfest in New Orleans. John Mayer was performing and I remember telling my parents, “I want to be up on that stage one day.” Soon after, they bought me my first guitar and the rest is history. Originally, this project started off as an acoustic duo. We played little coffee shop gigs to our friends and family, but we were wanting more out of our music and songwriting, so a couple years later we formed a full band. I know this sounds cheesy, but we truly are like a family and I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

2.  Describe the process it took in creating your EP “Hell or High Water.”

“Hell or High Water” was our first record as Blonde Roses. We called ourselves The Wooden Wings for about 10 years before we went through a pretty major lineup change. We were determined to take this fresh start and really make the most of it – new name, new sound, new band. We changed our approach to songwriting and explored different sounds and genres before settling in to something we were really proud of – and it happened fast. We wrote this EP in the matter of a couple months. As a band, there was a lot of heartbreak and confusion at the time, so it was easy to pour all of those feelings into what we were writing. For the first time in a while, everything just felt… right. From that, “Hell or High Water” was born.

3.  Our name, REVOLT, means revolting against anything holding you back and living the life you’ve always imagined. Did you ever feel as though the dream of pursuing music was too out of reach and had thoughts of giving up? If so, how did you get past it to where you are today?

We didn’t go into this originally for fame or money – we started playing together because we simply loved music. I had no idea when I started this project at 15 that we’d still be here. But here we are on this amazing, beautiful journey. But, things haven’t always been easy. There was a point where I felt extremely defeated and was ready to give up, but I straightened myself out and remembered how much I love doing this. This isn’t just music at this point, it’s my life. It’s our lives. It’s the air that we breathe. When you feel that passionate about something, you need to stick with it through the good and the bad. In the end, it’s all worth it.

4.  What was it like choosing the band’s name and what does the name mean to you

We went through a massive list of names before settling on Blonde Roses. For starters, I’m blonde, so there’s that. The name Rose is really important to us. It’s a name that most of us share in some way – whether it be family members or our own names.

5.  Being from New Orleans, what was it like emerging into the music scene there?

Honestly, I wish rock music were more accepted here. It doesn’t really fit the “New Orleans” mold; so trying to make waves in New Orleans as a rock musician can be really tough. Regardless, this is the best city on earth and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our Louisiana roots make up a huge part of who we are as a band and our style of music.

6.  Studies have shown that music and wine are heavily linked together and that music can influence a person’s decision on which wine to drink. If you could choose a type of wine that reflects your style of music, what kind would it be?

I’m going to have to say Cabernet because we have this little tradition that any time we practice or write together, we drink a bottle of it (ok, maybe a few bottles).

7.  What are some dreams each of you are chasing, or the group as a whole?

We’re a bunch of dreamers, so that list could go on forever. But as a group, we’re ready to take our music to the next level. We’re really ready to get back out on the road and tour more. It’s been a few years since we’ve had the opportunity to focus that much time on our craft, and we’re itching to make that happen again. Playing music full-time is the dream right now.

8.  What advice would you give fans or other young artists who are contemplating going after that wild dream but are scared or feel held back?

Just go for it. Dive headfirst and don’t look back. The only thing holding you back is yourself, and once you open your arms to whatever path is right in front of you, you’ll feel free. Create a like-minded community around you. Find your tribe. Learn everything you can. Read more. Explore yourself. Find those talents you didn’t even realize you had. You don’t want to look back at your life 50 years down the line and regret not having at least tried.

9.  So what’s up next? What can we expect to see from Blonde Roses in the future?

We have lots of new music in the works, but in particular, we’re releasing a new single and music video this Fall, so be on the lookout! It’s called ‘Hush Now’.


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