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The Von

We had a chance to catch up with internationally acclaimed rock band, The Von, and learn more about how they came together, what keeps them motivated and advice they’d give to other people out there chasing their dreams.



1.  Tell us about how the three of you came together to form The Von?

Marek and Luis met backstage at a Slayer concert in Miami through a mutual acquaintance. After trying out different drummers The Von recorded and released a debut album (Ei8ht). Then, due to some personal matters the drummer who recoded Ei8ht moved out of Florida and the band was left in search for a new drummer. It was not easy to find the right person who would compliment the first album, and yet be a good match for the band – not just musically but on the personal level as well. Indeed, we were looking for a good player and most importantly someone who would align with the band’s mindset and grow dynamically with us. A few months went by and we were introduced to Elisa through a music producer based in Miami who was aware of our vacancy and connected us together.

2.   What has your musical journey been like?  

Everyone in the band has had very different journeys enriching our music in different styles and flavors. Luis had a band with his brother which was nominated for the 1st Latin Grammys. Unfortunately shortly after this event, Luis lost his brother a car accident, subsequently taking a break from the music scene until The Von was formed with Marek.

Marek was signed to EMI Records in the late 90s with his Metal band Nemesis in the Czech Republic. Changes in his life took him through several countries, until he settled in South Florida.

Elisa graduated from Berkley College of Music in Boston and has been on numerous tours nationally and internationally with various known artists.  She has also participated in high rating Telemundo late night shows as part of the broadcast house bands.

3.  Did you all three always know that you wanted to pursue music?

The answer is yes, Absolutely. The love for music has always burned deep and constant inside each of us.  It is what makes us overcome obstacles and keeps us doing what we love.

4.  Being in the music industry can be tough.  How do you stay motivated and stand out from the crowd?

Anything where you want to succeed in life will require a lot of work and can be tough.  Nothing is easy. What matters is your mindset and your commitment. If you have the burning desire then having it is not enough. The real work is keeping that fire going; it takes discipline, passion and a little bit of madness.

5.  Music, like wine, is a medium for people to experience a moment or emotion.  What message or feeling do you hope fans pull from your music?

The Von’s music is full of energy, expressions and emotions reflecting the human life experience whether in joy or in suffering. We write music about themes of love, lust, joy, melancholy, inner empowerment and anything else you can imagine in this realm. We sing about what goes on in our lives as souls that live on this planet. We also are actively engaged in environmental efforts to preserve this planet. In 2016 we released a single “Sacred Water” and made a donation through our music to a global water preservation initiative which had also some live events and a global broadcasting.

6.  Our name, REVOLT, means revolting against anything holding you back and going after your dreams.  What does your name, The Von, mean?

We chose THE VON to challenge the listener and people’s labeling mechanisms. We simply wanted to awaken people’s perception driven curiosity with a short solid good sounding name that was transparent and free of preconceptions.

7.  Tell us about one of your biggest successes as a group so far, and one that you are still striving to achieve.

It is a continuously evolving process of realizing our dreams. “What is our virtual ceiling today becomes floor level tomorrow”.  We just came back form 2 months of European touring. It was our first international tour. It went fantastic. It was an amazing experience playing all kinds of venues and festivals in the UK and other countries.  We have in our crosshairs an Asian Tour and returning to Europe for another tour in the near future.

8.  What advice would you give to a fan who is on the fence about taking the leap and pursuing that crazy dream they’ve always had?

If you don’t try it then nothing will ever happen to you! You’ll miss out on all the good, the bad, the weird. Experiences are what make a person and if you never step outside the comfort zone, nothing life changing will ever come your way.

9.  Any good stories involving wine you want to share?

Yes and we made a song about this. We actually played this song all over Europe on our last tour. Involves a late night on the road, hotel room and people wanting to keep the party going banging on our RV late at night. Yes, very rock and roll indeed. Also, the early band music days involved a lot of good wine inspiration.


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