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With ties in both California and Brooklyn, Mainland is a energetic, three man band featuring Jordan Topf, Corey Mullee and Alex Pitta. Alex opens up about the band’s history, future, their goals and motivating advice on going after your wildest dream.



1.  Tell us about how all of your paths merged and how you came together to form Mainland.

We all met in different ways! Jordan and Corey bonded over sharing a fish at a vegan barbecue and Jordan trained Alex as a host at a celebrity chef owned restaurant in TriBeCa.  Music has obviously played a huge role in all of our lives so when Jordan started writing songs we all started playing music together.

2.  How has your music evolved from your first EP to your current music including “I Found God”?

The first Mainland songs were written with a bit of British and New York punk influence so they were pretty raw. In general I think our entire writing and recording process has evolved along with our identity as a band.  We are more driven now by melodic pop songwriting crafted with textures influenced by our favorite songs and musicians of different eras.

3.  Wine, like music, has the ability to take people back to a moment and make them feel something.  What message and feelings do you hope fans pull from your music?

Nostalgia has always been a huge part of the music we write.  We write what we know and what we have experienced and I think that makes our music very relatable to our listeners. We write mostly about love and loss. Those are feelings that everyone experiences. I guess the message is that life, no matter who you are, is a roller coaster. We all go through shit. When you remember that you aren’t alone it can be a very comforting feeling.  We want people to know they aren’t alone, no matter how lonely life can be.

4.  What has been one of your biggest successes so far?  One of those standout moments in your music career that you never dreamed would happen.

Going out on our first headline tour is definitely a huge stepping stone for us but I think our biggest successes are still to come. This summer we will be playing Lollapalooza in Chicago which is a HUGE achievement for us. It’s the biggest music festival we will have played to date and definitely a dream come true. We are also thrilled about the recent release of our new EP Villains. It’s been a minute since we’ve released a collection of new songs at once, so putting that out into the world has been really exciting for us.

5.  What are some goals that you are still out there striving for?

We have so many goals as a band. I mean ideally we would like to be the biggest band in the world! We do our best to focus on our more immediate goals though. We would love to sell out some of our shows and in the next couple years we would love to play more music festivals and tour the world!

6.  Our name, REVOLT, means to overcome the obstacles holding you back and live the life you’ve always imagined.  What does the name Mainland mean to you? 

Mainland is a return to home!  We lived in Brooklyn, which is part of an island, and we would joke about returning home to California on the Mainland.

7.  Your shows have an incredible energy and we love watching you perform!  How do you keep motivated to give it your all, especially on those long tours?

When you’re cooped up in a van all day driving to a show it makes it so easy to unleash all of that pent up energy on stage!  We also really feed off of the energy in the room when we perform!  My girlfriend passed along some wisdom to me the other night from a fellow dancer. “In my head everyone is cheering for me.”  Even if only one person shows up to see us play, they are there for a show and we are going to deliver.

8.  What can we expect to see in the future from you guys?

The release of our first full length and many more shows!  We never really stop working. Even when things seem mellow on our front, we are always writing new music.

9.  A fan is on the fence about going after that wild dream they’ve always had. What advice would you give them?

Go all in. You aren’t going to get anywhere with one foot in and one foot out. Often times pursuing your dreams can be incredibly challenging. Just keep going. The only way to lose is if you quit.



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