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A poster of Falling Doves

Falling Doves

We got to know Hollywood based, rock band the Falling Doves and the road they took to finding success. The guys open up about their achievements, obstacles and where they found their true passion for music. Check out their interview along with their music video featuring Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr.



1.  Tell us about when you discovered your true passion for music.

Chris: I was about 6 when I first heard John Lennon and Elvis on the radio, I didn’t discover the Beatles or Nirvana until 1994 i may have been about 14 or 15, but my true love were the Beach Boys and The Rembrandts. They just seem relatable and got me to pick up the guitar.

Mike: I listened to Hendrix and The Rolling stones , I remember the Rolling Stones Lp Sticky Fingers , i’d play with the Zipper all day I may have been about 12 , my father always told me, “boy don’t you play that devils music” but he was a good dude, always gave me advice and encouraged me.

2.  Was there a specific moment when you realized you were going to pursue music whole heartedly and turn your hobby into a career?

Mike: My friends where going nowhere and I had a poster on the wall of Slash and on the other side of Pamela Anderson and I would throw darts at both every night and like Dorothy in the wizard of oz id wish that was home , and said one day , I am going to leave this god damn town and  Before I knew it I sold my  small farm and with 3,000 dollars i packed my car and a chicken named Henrietta And I left Shabonna, Illinois I remember crossing out the population sign minus 1 when I left to Hollywood.

3.  You’ve been in the music industry for over 15 years now.  What has one of your biggest obstacles been and how have you overcome it?

Chris: I’d say overcoming the Latino stigma , everyone wanted me to play Santana or Ricky Martin or Enrique stuff. That was not me, I just continued making my own path true to my heart and eventually people forgot the color of my skin.

4.  On the flip side of that, what do you consider one of your biggest achievements so far?

Chris: Traveling the whole world and meeting my heroes is achievement enough, we recorded with Pete Best the Original drummer of The Beatles and have met Ringo Starr, but being International as an Indie band is the success most people die craving.

Mike: Guitar endorsements and meeting amazing people that shape our life, It was Georgina Castro who really changed me as a man she was not only my personal Publicist but my best friend who helps me stay humble.

5.  After a while, it’s easy to get stuck in the monotony of doing the same thing.  How do you stay motivated and passionate about playing music?

Chris: As stated before traveling and meeting new people for now keeps me focused on writing new music, sometimes the trade of is not having the time to record.

6.  Who have been some of your biggest influences?  (Musicians or not)

Chris: For me its all the underdogs that besides being dealt with a wicked card of bad luck continue striving for the love of the craft , artists like Butch Walker, and lesser know artists that stay on the road making great records for the sake of the music.

Mike: I would have to say the friends like, Chuck Shrader who challenges me, Michael Grow who is a kind loving man and maybe my dear friend Kevin the Sidewinder who just makes me smile when I am down, the road is a lonely place and they are always there for me.

7.  If you could achieve that one goal you’ve always wanted to hit, what would it be?

Chris: man a small bit of critical acclaim for my work and a solid paycheck, with a few more collaborations with a few contemporaries.

Mike: I would like to maybe open up a music store and just give back to the community with guitar lessons, I don’t know man what else, life has been good to me. I think fatherhood is not to far away.

8.  How have your experiences with your previous groups Blizzard, Revolution 89, and your solo project lead you to where you are today with Falling Doves?

Chris: Man you did your research ha ha, well the continuation of the craft , sacrifices and personal growth like a book, they were chapters in development. Each band taught me a few things , Blizzard to work hard no matter what impact big or small you make , play like you will never play again , and that band was very driven about everything but we didn’t travel. Rev 89, helped me push myself as a two piece band to the limits of my musical skill. Dead 67’s taught me to just not give a fuck and just play my heart out, I would say solo career opened my eyes to what the world had in store, and The Falling Doves that there is no limit to who and where you can play with as the band allows me to play with over 30 different configurations of the group its fun to put different drummers with different bass players and add other artists as special guests live and in the studio.

9.  Music is a medium for people to escape, connect and feel something.  What do you hope fans feel and connect with from your music?

Chris: I love the fact that people follow our journey and support us every-time we  reach out or put a new product out , whats beautiful is when we post online we get an answer from Mexico to Japan from fans and friends we have met along our journey. I like that our music touches people on a different level than just fun and rock and roll but it makes them think.

Mike: I want them to close their eyes and see their friend Mike playing for them when they close their eyes , there is no greater joy for me than to play for you.

10.  At REVOLT our mission is to inspire through the power of Wine & Music by sharing artists stories such as yours.  Our name is founded on revolting against whatever is it that’s holding you back and going after that dream that may seem out of reach.  How did you decide on the name Falling Doves and what does that mean to you?

Chris: For us music is exactly that a rebellion and a revolt against shitty music played through prerecorded tracks we revolt by making music like your wine authentic and no show is the same we put a lot of love in to every guitar lick. The name of the band came from a trip to England having breakfast and seeing an article about birds falling all over Italy, the label had asked me for a band name day the day before and with my cereal and newspaper the next morning had the answer.

Mike: In a way were like birds flying to different continents around the year searching for more and seeing old friends.

11.  What can we expect to see in the future from Falling Doves?

Chris: a signature wine with Revolt wines ? Just stay put there’s a massive amount of cool things were working with just like your wine takes the best ingredients and mixes them to create that proper mix our music is just that we are waiting to harvest a few relationships to create a few delicious licks.

Mike: To hit new countries and spread the gospel of rock and roll ! Id like to send some love to a special lady in my life Marsha Broude who is my biggest fan and the sexiest lady in OB , Claudia Jack .


Much love to you Revolt

Keep it authentic elegant and loud

Like your wines

Chris & Mike


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