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A poster of Your Favorite Color

Your Favorite Color

We got to know Huntington Beach based band Your Favorite Color and the inside to the five member. YFC opens up to us about the road they took to coming together as a band, their name  and the pursuit to following their dreams. Check out what they had to say and watch their rooftop session cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”



1.  Finding the right members for a band is always crucial, what were your backgrounds before coming together and how did you guys eventually form Your Favorite Color?

The band started with the lead vocalist Matthew Warren. Matt moved to Huntington Beach California from Lehi Utah at the age of 15. Due to lack of friends and social interaction, he instead spent a majority of his time surfing. Through surfing, Matt met the lead guitarist of the band ‘The Shakes” named Cameron Peinado. Shortly after connecting with one another through their shared love for music, Cameron invited Matt to play for his band called the ‘White Wheeled Indies’ (WWI). This was Matts first band which Including Cameron, consisted of their bass player Casey Nunes (current bass player for the ‘Lanitarians’) and their drummer, Luke Fuhrman. Matt played lead guitar, but was only present in the band for two performances before the group broke up. With Matt having a new found love for music, but no clue what to do with it, Cameron showed him how to create his own at home studio. It was there where he learned to make songs on his own using garage band. After a about a year of writing, Matt wrote a song called “Heartache” which lit the spark of what was yet to create the band, ‘Your Favorite Color’. Matt released the at home demo of ‘Heartache’ as a solo artist and it happened to catch the eye of his prior drummer for (WWI), Luke Fuhrman. Luke was instantly in love with the track, but saw greater potential for what it could become. Luke and Matt worked together and used there resources to make the songs playable live by using backing tracks and an old worn PA system. But, it still wasn’t enough and they needed more members. Then came a good friend of theirs named Ari Miranda. At the time, Ari was 17 years old and had left Huntington Beach on a solo journey to Hawaii due his need of Independence and hunger for exploration. Although Ari found a large piece of himself in Hawaii, after about seven months of living there he decided that he had o outgrown the island. Ari moved back to Huntington to join Matt and Luke in there journey. Now that Matt and Luke had a third member, they decided they were ready for the eyes of world, but still needed something to call themselves. By going through countless names for weeks they decided on ‘Your Favorite Color’, which derived from one of Matt’s original song demos called “Your Favorite Color Is Red and Mine Is Blue”. Matt, Luke and Ari then played their first show at Chain Reaction Studios in Anaheim, CA. Since then, the band has grown exponentially gaining a fourth and fifth band member named David Silveria,(son of the original drummer of the Rock band Korn) and Nichola Neighbors, a good friend of Ari’s who grew up playing complex sheet music on the piano. David brought a very pleasant and epic Muse/Interpol feel to their music, giving it just the right amount of electricity that the band needed. Nicky on the other hand, added a contrasting dark 80’s goth tone to the music through his collection of synthesizers and wide variety of musical inspirations.

2.  What was it like choosing the band’s name and what does the name mean to you?

When Matt released his first song demos of YFC, he called the project Peri. But, shortly after Luke had joined the band they decided that they needed a new name. After running through countless amounts of names, Luke came up with one that he loved called “Polaroid Sunset”. Matt liked the name too and told Luke that’s what they would call themselves, but frustratingly called Luke the following day insisting that the name should be Your Favorite Color. The name came from one of their songs called “Your Favorite Color Is Red and Mine Is Blue”. Throughout High School, Matt constantly had short exciting flings, but was also getting his heart broken all the time. To him the song title resembled the acceptance of difference between two people or two things and the frustration that comes with achieving this mindset. The band also has a desire to make songs that all sounded unique to themselves and can stand in alone in a collection of music. Therefore, their songs all have there own “color” or “tone” and could be played in any sort of mood or setting. Hence, the song title was title then translated into the band name Your Favorite Color.

3.  What are some dreams each of you are chasing, or the group as a whole?

Reach and inspire as many people as possible, help people take their lives less seriously and remind them to enjoy the journey one step at a time and help bring clarity to people minds through our music so they can connect and feel understood.

4.  At REVOLT we encourage others to move forward in the direction of their dreams, how do you stay driven in the pursuit of following your dreams? 

Staying true and genuine to ourselves and each other, remaining humble and respecting one another.

5.  Music, much like wine, is a medium to connect and talk with your fans. What message or feeling do you hope people get when they hear your music or see you perform?

We try to act goofy and not take ourselves to seriously and hope to inspire to do the same. By doing so it can help people take live one step at a time and enjoying the journey.

6.  What are some of the highlights and challenges of writing and creating music?

We think the highlights and challenges are actually mixed. There is five us of in this band and it can be struggle to write the perfect song. But once those five pieces fit together in harmony, it becomes something we are most proud of and want to share with the world.

7.  Following your dreams can be exhilarating but sometimes difficult, were there any obstacles that you had to overcome in order to continue the pursuit of your dreams?

There is always challenges getting to where you to be. Instead of looking towards the future and saying “I can’t wait to do this or play this”, we are excited about what is right in front of us. All the opportunities we’ve had is part of the dream. This journey is the dream.

8.  We are excited to hear more from you guys, whats does the future look like for Your Favorite Color?

We are planning on releasing multiple EPs in the months to come so we can grow our fan base and reach more ears. I think once we have done that, we will be able to hit the road and bring a live experience to people around the country.

9.  What advice can you offer other aspiring musicians?

Enjoy what is right in front of you. Don’t dwell on what’s to come. Musicians are given a gift that takes patience to spread. It is okay to get frustrated if something does not go your way. One door may close but another one will always open.



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