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A poster of Altered Revelations

Altered Revelations

Based out of SoCal, Altered Revelations are a three man, heavy metal band made of brothers Lane and Garrett Nobriga and Michael Soler. Altered Revelations sets to create a journey for every listener and shapes their music as epic, cinematic stories while staying true to the heavy metal genre. The band opens up on being a multi-instrumental band, the live, authentic process to the creation of their music and bringing a richer metal scene to the SoCal area. 



1.  How did your music journey lead to the three of you to come together and form Altered Revelations?

Lane – It started with my brother Garrett and I. We moved out to LA to find more members and start this band. Soon after we moved, we got the opportunity to join another band called One Day After. They were similar in style to our music and we figured it would be a good chance to learn the ropes and see what it was like to play on stage with other people in a live setting. And that’s where we met Mike! He was the guitar player for that band and shared the same passionate vision for music that we had. We played with One Day After for a few months and when they eventually broke up, we asked Mike if he would be interested in helping us get Altered Revelations started up. He was happy to join on and was able to bring our sound to the next level

2.  Tell us about the creation of your debut EP, The Architect? What were some of the highlights and challenges of creating your first EP?

We had never done anything like this before, so there was a very big learning curve as we hit the studio and began tracking. We did a total of six days in the studio to record six songs, which turned out to be quite the challenge. There were a number of things we tried out to create a cinematic feel on the album, from Mike laughing maniacally for five minutes straight in the vocal booth in the dark to capture what would become our clown laughs, to the three of us learning a bit of Greek for our war chant in ‘Chains of Tyranny’. In ‘The Outlaw’s Vow’, there’s an execution scene towards the end of the song. We actually went out into the parking lot of the studio on our last night, tied up and gagged Mike, and recorded the sounds of Garrett walking up to execute him while he cried on the ground. It was really cool and all of that was done live. We wanted it to be as real as possible and our sound engineer was a true hero and brought it all to life.

3.  Why do you find it important to create music with a cinematic experience for your listeners and fans?

We had the cinematic storytelling aspect as an objective from the start. We’re huge movie fans and have always loved the atmosphere and emotion that can be captured through movies and their scores. With metal being such a high energy genre, we thought it would make for a perfect platform to capture some of that atmosphere and take it to new and exhilarating heights! Hans Zimmer is a personal favorite of ours as far as composers go, and we definitely have our eye on collaborating with him one day if the opportunity arises.

4.  Being able to play multiple instruments is a talent many of us wish to have. How do you find that to be advantageous to the band?

Well for us, it’s both advantageous and necessary! We tried to fill up the band with five members and couldn’t seem to get anybody willing to commit, so the choice was to either wait forever, or just start doing it all on our own. The three of us have always had an interest in having multiple positions in the band and it comes in very useful sometimes. For instance, if one of us is sick and can’t do vocals that night, we can just switch spots and have somebody else do it. We also like the freedom to change it up because it makes for a unique show experience each time when the fans don’t know who’s doing what part on any given song that night.

5.  If you were to choose a style of wine to represent your sound, what kind would you choose and why?

Hmmmm, a good question indeed. It would probably have to be a red blend, be-cause we often blend different genres/flavors together to make our madness. Maybe a red Bordeaux or Meritage? Of course a nice Revolt Wines Cabernet would always work well too!

6.  At REVOLT, our mission is to inspire through the power of wine & music. To overcome obstacles on the the pursuit of passion. What obstacles have you overcome on your journey and how do you stay motivated to continue to follow your music dreams?

One of our biggest challenges was trying to make a full sounding and exciting live metal show possible with only three people. There was a lot of trial and error at first as we tried to create smooth transitions into different instruments on stage and eliminate as much dead space as possible. Our warm up routine is pretty ridiculous too. Garrett for instance goes from vocals, to guitar, to drums in our live show so he has to pretty much do a full scale body and voice warm up beforehand. Having each other has helped immensely with any obstacle we’ve faced as far as creating The Architect and bringing it to life. We still get that childish excitement whenever we come up with a new story idea or riff and each of us brings some-thing unique to the table to help the band evolve in interesting ways. It’s become quite ap-parent at this point that there’s nothing else we could ever do

7.  We love the name of your EP and the meaning behind it; The Architect, an allegorical character who is a medium through which you express storytelling and creativity. Is there symbolism or significance behind the band’s name and how did you come up with it

Yes! The name Altered Revelations took a while to come up with and it has a few different meanings for us. We created this with ideas we had in the present and ideas we had for the future. The sto

ries that our songs tell are meant to be the revelations that our storyteller, The Architect, is revealing to the world. The “Altered” part can also be considered as how we switch around on stage. Each person brings a sort of altered perspective on the song depending on what part they’re playing at any given time. Eventually, we’d also like to introduce our own take on some familiar stories, which provides another meaning for the word as well.

8.  Story time! Do you guys have any funny stories involving wine that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

This one is from Mike: So this was probably one of the first times I was ever drunk. Some classmates invited me to a party and I was drinking anything in sight, which was already a bad idea. Someone had brought boxed wine and people were chugging the wine right out of the bag rather than pouring it into glasses. So I did the same and continued with my night. Apparently, I ended up drinking quite a bit of it because later that night, I puked and painted the bathroom dark red. My parents, who were more concerned than upset at this point, asked me what I drank. I had forgotten about the wine so I just replied, “Everything”.

9.  Since the release of your first EP, what does the future look like for Altered Revelations?

So far our sights have been set on playing shows as often as we can and bringing a richer metal scene to the SoCal area. We would love to eventually schedule a tour and after that, record a full length album. We already have a bunch of song ideas in the works and we’re super excited to be able to share them with the world



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