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A poster of the Feather Fish

The Feathered Fish

Photo: Staticdischarge Photography

The Feathered Fish are a four piece band featuring Jeremy Hankins (Lead Vocals), Johnny Wolfe (Guitar & Vocals), Collin Hill (Bass), Leroy LeGros (Drums). Natives from Fredericksburg, Virginia, The Feathered Fish bring uplifting vibes, catchy riffs and music that you can groove to anytime of the day. Take a look at what the band had to say about coming together, staying positive through life’s obstacles, and the significant meaning to the band’s name.



1.  Give us a little history lesson on the band, when and how did you four come together and form The Feathered Fish?

Johnny Ray Wolfe and Jeremy Hankins started writing music together the first day they met!  It was about a year or so after they graduated high school and once they started, they didn’t stop.  They both enjoy adventures in the great outdoors and have a free spirit mentality that they express through their music.

2.  Being from Fredricksburg, Virginia, what is the music scene like there and describe coming onto the scene with your sound and style?

Fredericksburg has a small local music scene with music ranging from bluegrass/folk and country to Steady Rock.  A few original bands, but nothing comes close to what The Feathered Fish bring to the table.  We love and represent our hometown but we felt more at home than ever when we reached California.  The good vibe mentality of the locals in San Diego mixed with the West Coast love of beach rock really made us feel welcomed right away, and we fell head over heels!

3.  The Feathered Fish is name you can not forget, what was it like choosing the bands’ name and what does the name mean to you?

Partaking in recreational activities by the river in our hometown spot, we noticed a small bird trotting with a BIG FISH it had caught.  Though the fish was twice the birds size, it made the catch and would not let it slip away from its firm grip.  We saw ourselves in this moment, small town kids with a dream so big that we would persevere without doubt.  When you are blessed with a big catch you hold on for dear life and that’s what our music is to us, The BIG FISH.  So we named ourselves The Feathered Fish from this beautiful moment in nature that reflected what we sought to accomplish. The concept of a feathered fish is also a symbol of how different our music sounds compared to what has already been done.

4.  Describe any obstacles you overcame to get to where you are today.

We have always made it clear we are brothers first before band mates.  We all have our lives outside of music and if you are not happy with life in general then it is our job to address that prior to band matters.  When it comes to band issues, we have changed a few mates but always with love and good intentions.  We have had some issues with management and business but that seems to be a road every band has traveled.  That being said, we did not let issues out of our control dictate what we as a band were doing.  Always keeping a positive mentality and love for the music has been the key to our success so far and we plan on continuing that platform.

5.  Your album, Slug Life, was released last summer, what was it like coming together and creating such a killer work?

We had the mindset of, You can only release your first album once.  It was an experience of a lifetime but even more so a huge step towards understanding the recording side of the music scene and we truly obtained a great deal of knowledge.  We were so prepared and well rehearsed for the process but nothing prepares you for the knowledge you obtain from that first journey and how much wisdom you can obtain from the guys who do it for a living.  I think we were all happy with what we got with the for the first album but now more than ever eager to work on the next one.  It opened our mind to a new world and introduced us to so many new aspects of the music world and what we could create.  The first album is done and a part of our past, we are just focused on the next one and ready to prove we can be better than we were.  Growth is good and without it we would be stuck in the mud.

6.  At REVOLT we encourage others to move forward in the direction of their dreams, how do you stay driven in the pursuit of following your dreams?

Life is constantly throwing you different doors of opportunity and I think unconsciously that keeps us driven.  Creating music keeps us fresh from old tunes and every show we play holds a new story to tell.  It’s what we love and where we belong so being with your best friends with the same passion for music that you do truly makes it easy.  Ups and downs with bumps in the road only add to the life of a musician.  We are all just trying our best to provide the fans with our interpretation of that journey we take together.

7.  Music, much like wine, is a medium to connect and talk with your fans. What message or feeling do you hope people get when they hear your music or see you perform?

Essentially we want the fans to feel what we feel when playing our songs.  We intend to send our listeners with relatable stories with good times/good vibes that they soulfully enjoy. So, when another person accepts what we create, we are immediately connected in a way that only music can describe.  It’s either yes or no, good or bad, but in the end we revealed ourselves to them and that’s all we can do at the the end of the day.

8.  Speaking of wine, do you have any funny stories involving wine that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

We are consumers of many different spirits but wine is one that requires special occasions.  It provides a giggly, chatty and superb wing man ability that we all have obtained.  We prefer Red over White and keep the pinky’s up while tipping back the glass.

9.  What can we expect in the future from The Feathered Fish?

The 2nd Album is in production to be released this summer and we will be preforming another season in the DC MD and VA area.  Looking for more opportunity from labels/record deals as well as a first tour opportunity  We are continuing to do everything ourselves until a better option arrives but until then we will stay true and humble to what we do as musicians.  The struggle is always real and if it wasn’t then everyone would be rock stars.  If it is not broken don’t fix it but we keep and open mind with a humble heart and believe life will present us with endless possibilities.  Just gotta keep the sun upon our face and the wind at our backs

10.  What advice would you give to fellow musicians who are on the fence about going after their own dreams?

If music is your passion and becomes your profession,  do not let it become your burden, it should become your obsession.  To reach a further point with band, you have to evolve from hobby band to business.  This scared us at first but if it is what you truly want to do in life you will make the sacrifices to make it your reality.  Focus on your goals and achieve them, if you do not, you will get caught up with the wrong reasons for continue being a musician.  You can always play music but is the juice worth the squeeze for you?


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