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A poster of The Quest Room

The Guest Room

Growing up together, local band The Guest Room formed by combining their own individual musical tastes into a unique Neo-soul sound. The band has been releasing wonderful singles including their latest “Try”, and are expecting to release their debut album in 2020. We got the chance to catch up with the  band about how they came to be, what motivates them, and what we can look forward to in the near future.




1. As childhood friends, you must’ve played music together for a long time. What prompted you all to solidify as a band, was there any defining moments or did it all come together more naturally?

Well our guitarist (Trevor) and bassist (Ben) have known each other since the second grade, and incidentally have messed around with music for most of their relationship. Eventually, everyone that’s here now kind of found their way in either through existing musical friendships (Trevor M. and Gino from marching band) or from friendships once removed (girlfriend’s friends Alyssa). I think that the first time we all played together with Alyssa (singer), back in September of 2017, we knew that there was something special and unique about our sound. Our job has been to perfect it ever since!

2. Our name, REVOLT, means to Revolt against anything holding you back and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. How did you choose your name, and what does it mean to you?

Just like most anything about our origin story, our name came from our childhood and playing music really early on. At Trevor’s house, we found that we could be most creatively independent in one specific room: The Guest Room. As we’ve out grown the guest room’s of our childhood, our name serves as a constant reminder to strive to be different and make music that’s true to ourselves.

3. What or who motivates you to create music together?

I think we are all motivated by individual loves for music and performing. But that love is further bolstered by our desire to share our music with people!

4. We know your recent song, Try, you’ve focused on themes of self-love and personal growth, what do you hope your listeners learn from the lyrics and sound in your songs, and how do these themes relate to you personally?

Try is such an interesting and archetypal song for us. It has always been important to write songs that are true to us both musically and thematically, but also contextually and substantively. We hope that as people listen to Try, they too can overcome any internal struggle with identity that may live within them.

5. If you were to make a playlist describing your sound, what top-five other artists would be on it and why?

We LOVE this question! So often we are tasked with explaining our sound and inspirations to others and sometimes it’s truly difficult to put it in words. In no particular order:

  1. Hiatus Kaiyote
  2. Jamiroquai
  3. Steely Dan
  4. Norah Jones
  5. Jorja Smith

All of these artists are either deep inspirations of ours, or have similar styles that we admire greatly.

6. What does a session in the studio look like for Guest Room? Do you have a certain process for making a song, or does it come about more organically?

A session in the studio for us is usually scheduled out with an itinerary. We like to be as organized as possible and prepare as much as we can beforehand since we’re paying for it! But the process of making a song is much more relaxed. Typically one of us will come to rehearsal with some chords and the beginnings of a song. Then, the rest of us will help fill in the arrangement and personalize each of our parts. We’ll workshop that idea for a little while as Alyssa writes some lyrics and try out different endings and bridges at shows to see what plays best live.

7. How would you describe your music to someone who has yet to hear it?

We would typically tell someone who has never heard us that we sound like a mixture of Michael McDonald, early Maroon 5, and Norah Jones. It’s confusing, but it’s as close as we can get.

8. We know you have lots experience working with wine companies, given your knowledge what type of wine do you think best fits your sound and why?

We are honestly kind of newbies when it comes to the world of wine, but Alyssa would know best (she’s a fan). She says we’d be a young Pinot Noir because we’re young and fresh, but very smooth!

9. We are excited to hear that you are currently gearing up to release a debut album soon! what kind of sounds and messages can we look forward to hearing on your upcoming record?

Thanks for asking about this, we are incredibly excited to be releasing our debut album soon! This whole project is a culmination of all the compositions we’ve loved over the last year or so. It also gives us a chance to catalog the vast growth we’ve experienced over the last year and share it with our fans, friends, and family! To kick off the promotion of the album drop, we are releasing a music video for Try at the beginning of the month, so stay tuned!

10. What advice would you give your listeners who are on similar journeys to make their own dreams a reality?

If you truly love what you are doing and happy with the product you are making, don’t let anyone talk you out of what’s true to you. Your true fans will love you and your music for what it is!

More Info:  Website // Facebook // Instagram