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A poster of the Lovely World

Lovely World

Hailing from South Carolina, two brothers Landon Rojas (lead vocals & guitar) and Cade Rojas (drummer) formed Lovely World along with childhood friend Cameron Smith (lead guitar).  Recently joined by bassist Michael Gilbert, the lineup is now complete. They create thought provoking music that emulates classic 70’s sound with a little metal and their own flare to top it off. In recent months, Lovely World has been on the rise, releasing two new singles and touring across the country. We were able to catch up with the band and share a little bit of the behind the scenes.



1. How did you all meet and come together to form Lovely World?

Landon ( Lead singer here), with Cade (drums) being my brother and Cameron (lead guitarist) living only 2 minutes down the road, we all grew up together. Since there’s not shit to do in the town we’re from, we were bound to make a band.

2. Our name, REVOLT, means revolting against anything holding you back and living the life you’ve always imagined. Did you ever feel as though the dream of pursuing music was too out of reach and had thoughts of giving up? If so, how did you get past it to where you are today?

The name Lovely World came from an old song we wrote but never released. The song had a strange vibe to it and we could never tell if it was happy or cynical. I think that’s why we loved it.

3. How would you best describe your collective sound to someone who’s never heard it before? 

Imagine a band that is influenced by every decade of rock and roll since the 60s. Although, we’re primarily a rock band, we put a twist on 70s and 90s blues/punk.

4.  When you go about creating a song, what sort of process do you go through?  Are there specific steps or does it come more naturally?

When it comes to the creative process, we’ve never cared about how we get there as long as it comes naturally. Usually I’ll write a song on the acoustic before the band begins working on it, but sometimes we’ll just run with an idea and see where it goes. We’ve never cared about using one particular process, that’d eventually get boring.

5. We know you have a new single called “Do You Feel the Sun” and video for it coming out soon!  What was the inspiration behind both and what do you hope listeners get from them?

The new single has a lot to do with circumstances you can’t seem to get around. The lyric “cut off your feet and run inside your mind” is metaphorical, having to deal with longing for a better situation while changing nothing. Get up and feel the sun!

6. Which musicians do you think influences you guys the most and how?  Got any all-time favorites? 

We’re all influenced by different artists; however, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath always tend to find their way into the music.

7. We know you have toured and are planning to tour again in 2020, how would you describe your stage presence and what do you love the most about tour life?

Absolute mayhem! Hahaha. I’d say our live shows are intense and unpredictable. As for the tour life, meeting new people and getting to play music every night is an amazing experience.

8. If you could perform with any band past or present, who would it be and why?

Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Both of these bands are the only reason we ever picked up an instrument in the first place.

9. As a band, tell us about an ultimate goal or achievement that you’d like to make a reality.

Being able to write and perform as a career is all we’ve ever wanted. However, having the other side of the world singing our songs back to us would be surreal.

10. What advice would you give to someone who’s always thought about going after their own crazy dream but is too scared to make that jump?

Don’t be a pansy. If you know what you want to do, make the decision, and GO FOR IT!


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