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Meet Golda!  We had a chance to connect with her at one our recent events and were blown away by her talent.  Her ability to tell stories and connect with her audience through her songs is inspiring and truly moving.  We wanted to dive deeper into who she is and her journey.  Take a look!



1.  How did you get your start in music?  Were there any challenges or major milestones?

I’ve been singing for my entire life. While in India for a school business project trip, we were doing a talent show to kill the time while driving from New Delhi to the Taj Mahal. I went up and sang “Giving Up” by Ingrid Michaelson into the little bus microphone. A woman on the trip used to work in the music industry and told me she thought I “had it”. When we got back to the states, I grabbed a coffee with her and told her, “I want to record my songs but I don’t know anyone with recording gear.” After we finished chatting, she left and two minutes later, a guy tapped my shoulder and said that he had gear and would be down to talk further – we ended up recording my first EP together in Oakland, California. There’s a lot that’s happened since then but I was instantly hooked to going to studio, recording songs, and arranging music – I started playing shows around the bay and just learning a lot. I was really afraid to tweak my songs in the past, now I see songs as these amorphous sort of ever-changing life forms of themselves. I ended up working for a music manager in LA who then heard my music and he developed me for a bit. Now I’m planning on releasing my music in October, so I’m very excited to finally share my music for the first time in years.

2.  How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

I have a sorta unique voice that makes people perhaps want to be introspective for awhile, to feel the stuff inside that’s sometimes hard to deal with. It’s a mix between Radiohead, Feist, and some other sweet cinematic vibes. Sometimes my songs are funny, sometimes they’re sad. I try to be honest and vulnerable too – I like to say my songs are good for when you’re driving alone at night.

3.  Our name, REVOLT, means to Revolt against anything holding you back and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. How did you choose your name, and what does it mean to you? 

Golda is my middle name! I thought of other names like “Sergeant Miss” but people just seemed to like “Golda” so it stuck. There’s another Golda in Germany so I might have to change it at some point but we met and chatted about it, and it seems we will be able to coexist in our Golda-ness.

4.  What or who motivates you to create music? 

Making music has always been this impulsive sort of need, I don’t consciously always know when I’m singing but I’ve always been making up melodies and little tunes since I was little – it’s an emotional release. It’s a soul thing for me, not to get too meta, but I feel like I’ve always just been a singer in all my lives and it feels like the greatest thing in the world to sing from a deep place for me. Making a good song is a real high and it’s something musicians (myself included) keep chasing, that next best song you’ve ever written. It’s my favorite feeling in the world.

5.  What musicians do you think influences you the most? Got any all-time favorites? 

Radiohead has been the biggest influence on me (In Rainbows, Kid A, etc), Sucre (her vocals are so beautiful, she’s probably my all-time favorite vocalist, her tone is just the sweetest), Grizzly Bear, Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor (her lyrics are killer), Fleet Foxes, Alanis Morissette, Imogen Heap, Arcade Fire. In more recent years, Julia Michaels and Phoebe Bridgers are my favorites.

6.  As someone who both American and Ukrainian, do you feel you incorporate both cultures into your music. If so, how?

There’s a certain Soviet melancholy that pervades a lot of eastern European cultures – I think that sadness definitely bleeds into my music. I’ve written a few Russian songs but I was told they weren’t super commercial lol. I’m thinking of incorporating Russian a bit more into my music.

7.  What is the strangest thing that has inspired song lyrics for you? 

I saw a billboard with “Giant RV” written on it and brought that idea to a session a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a really beautiful song about wanting to go back into the past of how things used to be before technology saturated our lives via a Giant RV.

8.  Who would be your all-time musician to write a song for? 

Christina Aguilera was my first true love vocalist, I studied how she sang songs very early on – I’d love for her to sing one of my songs, that would be pretty insane.

9.  What advice would you give your fans who are on similar journeys to make their own dreams a reality?

Don’t be a professional musician. Just kidding. Write a lot. Don’t judge all of it – a lot of it’s not going to be great but keep writing, you’ll know when its something special when you still like it 3 months later and then a year later. Learn from your favorite musicians, what kind of rhythms / chords / lyrics / vocal choices are they making? Learn to produce, start on Garage Band then move to Logic or ProTools if that’s your flavor. If it doesn’t sound good with just you and a guitar or piano, the song isn’t quite there. That’s ok, keep writing, keep reworking. Be honest in your writing. Work with nice kind positive people, don’t work with people that are mean, no matter how talented they are! Don’t date people you work with!!!! Ever.

10.  What do you think is the next step for you as a musician?

Putting music out, playing bigger and bigger shows. October, stay tuned for my first Golda releases.



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