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We caught up with local San Diego metal band, Malison, comprised of Steven Rondina on Vocals/Bass, Mario Lovio on Guitar and Nick Mafi on Drums.  Check out how they got started, their journey and what’s up next for the group.



1.  Tell us a little about your backgrounds and how you came together to form the band.

“I met Mario through our former drummer. I was invited to one of the rehearsals that they were having before the band was even a thing. We ended up getting along and had similar tastes. Soon after I was a full-fledged member and he and I started writing songs together.” – Steven

“Shortly after the release of our EP, Nick Mafi came into the band as a drummer, after the exit of the 2 former members”. -Mario

2.  Being a heavy metal band from San Diego, what was it like coming into the music scene here?

“It’s been pretty good to us. The local fans are very friendly and are a blast to hang with at shows. The venues here are awesome too. Both the bigger clubs and smaller clubs here are all great.” – Nick Mafi

“It’s definitely a smaller but very active community. The fans really do make it a point to support and befriend local acts, so it’s always great playing here at home. There are so many great bands and musicians here it’s hard to name them all.” – Mario

3.  How would you say the band’s sound has evolved from the release of your EP, Impulses (2015) to Malison (2018)?

“When Impulses was released, most of the music was written primarily by Mario and our former guitarist. When Mario and I moved in together, he and I started writing more songs that would eventually find their way onto our debut album Malison.” – Steven

“When I came in, about half the debut album was written. I helped out structure and write a couple riffs as well. I come from a more thrash/speed metal background, so a couple of those elements found their way into the album as well. The way our influences and musical ideas came together was awesome, and I love the sound we achieved on Malison” – Nick

4.  Pursuing music can be difficult. Can you recall any big hurdles you’ve had to overcome to get to this point musically?

“Everything. Music is a big hurdle in & of itself, I’m just really glad of what we have accomplished so far and what we have in store.” -Mario

5.  What bands or artists have inspired you throughout the years and have influenced your song writing?

“In no particular order: Megadeth, Warbringer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Vektor, Coheed and Cambria. There are so many more, but we feel that these are the ones that really influenced our sound.”

6. Our name, REVOLT, means to Revolt against anything holding you back and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. How did you choose your name, Malison, and what does it mean to you?

“Malison means ‘curse’. We loved the way it sounded and what it meant.” 

7.  Studies have shown that music and wine are heavily linked together and that music can influence a person’s decision on which wine to drink. If you could choose a type of wine that reflects your style of music, what kind would it be?

“Red wine. It’s definitely dark and full of flavor. Plus it’s the party wine of choice.”

8.  What’s on the horizon for Malison and what can we expect in the future?

“We have an upcoming tour that we’ll be announcing shortly. On this tour we’ll playing with fellow Combat Record artists CO-OP. We’ll have our great friend and very talented musician John Sawicki filling in on second lead guitar.” – Mario

“We’re constantly writing and looking towards the future. With the great family-like relationship Mario, Nick, and I have, we truly believe in the goals we have for Malison.” – Steven

9.  What would you tell a fan or friend who is on the fence about going after a crazy dream but is scared and on the fence?

They way we look at it is, noting has been accomplished on the fence. Dreams are nothing but decisions waiting to be made. If you make the decision and work harder than anyone around you, it might actually happen.


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