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A poster of The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor

Emerging onto the scene in 2009, The Killing Floor is a rock ‘n roll/alternative rock band, with ties in the states and across the pond. Their edgy sound and powerful lyrics,has landed the band on music festival stages such as SXSW, Vans Warped Tour and Springboard West. Check out what lead guitarist Mark Alberici had to say about the advantages of the distance, coming together as a band and what inspires them to keep moving forward and going after their music dreams.

Photo: Daniel Ridley



1.  Tell us about coming together and forming The Killing Floor.  What are your backgrounds and how did you all meet?

We all began pretty early on as kids and all have been in previous bands growing up, and that’s really how The Killing Floor met in NYC for the first time. We were over from London recording an album with our previous band Intervurt, which was being produced by Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure) and Tom McKay of Canadian band Joydrop. The producers had just wrapped up recording Marco’s previous band, The Mood, and we needed a Marshall amp for our tracking session at Electric Lady Studios. Plati suggested asking Marco if we could borrow his amp for the recording so I rang him up and he said “sure no problem”. That was really the first time we met. We stayed in contact and emailed back and forth for a few years, and when my band Intervurt had run it’s course we were looking to start a new band and needed a lead singer. A couple of months after that, Marco emailed me and told me that he had a solo tour in the UK and was coming over and invited me to a show. I was actually in Germany at the time but I told Oliver to go to one of his shows and see if he’d be a good fit, so Oliver went to see him at a show in Brighton and was really impressed and called me in Germany to let me know. When I got back I invited Marco down to my studio in Surrey and had Marco sing on a few demo ideas we had and that was the beginning of the band.

2.  What’s it like having ties here in the states as well as in London?  Do you find it to have advantages or disadvantages when collaborating from both locations?

We will always have ties with in both countries. We developed pretty early on in Liverpool, London and NYC. That’s where The Killing Floor grew. We were back and forth all the time either touring, writing or recording. I think for the most part it’s an advantage having connections with both sides of the pond. We have more influences with all the different music scenes, sounds and contacts. Makes rehearsal a little tricky to get to at times but we make it work.

3.  You’ve had some awesome opportunities like playing Vans Warped Tour and SXSW.   What was your experience like playing at such well renowned shows?

We had a great time playing at the Vans Warped Tour and that was definitely something we’d always wanted to do as a band. It was special for us all for different reasons. Marco had been attending them since he was a teenager back in South Florida.

4.  At REVOLT, our name encourages others to Revolt against anything holding you back and pursue your passion.  How did you come up with the name The Killing Floor and what does it mean to you?  

The Name The Killing Floor is taken from the Howling Wolf song of the same name. I’m told that The Killing Floor is the name some of the old  blues men used to call the abattoirs where they would be working, but I like to the think of it as like meaning the  a stage as well.

5.  Music and wine go hand and hand; they both evoke feelings and are more fun when shared with others.  Any funny stories with wine?

Yes too many stories with wine but not any we’d like to talk about.

6.  How would you say your sound and style of writing have transformed from your self-titled album to Antisocialmedia? 

I think it has changed quite a bit. It still sounds like the same band but Antisocialmedia is a harder, edgier sound than the first album. We intended it to be because the subject matter and lyrics are a little more aggressive. This album is more about the struggles of everyday life so we felt the sound needed to reflect that.

7.  We dig your sound and powerful lyrics.  What message do you hope listeners pull from your music?

The Cryptic ones. Also, keep your eyes and ears open.  Don’t let the man get you down. Keep going even when your back’s against the wall.

8.  Being able to travel and play music across the country at different venues must be both exciting and exhausting.  What is your favorite part?

Every tour is a new adventure for us. All the new faces and old friends we make being away from home for extended periods of time a lot more interesting. So basically anywhere where it’s warm.

9.  And on those tough days, what inspires you to keep moving forward and going after your music dreams?

Knowing that we are all meant to be doing what were doing. We have high hopes for our songwriting and recording careers. If you love what you do It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world will love it too.

10.  Based on your experiences, what advice would you give fans or friends who are on the edge of pursuing that crazy dream but are scared and think it’s out of reach?

They have nothing to lose and there is absolutely no time like the present. Do it!

11.  We’re stoked to see you guys at Springboard West.  What’s up next for the band?  What are some milestones you’re striving for in the future? 

Yes we are very much looking forward to our first ever shows in San Diego for Springboard West. Also, we’re looking to tap into a few new markets this year. Australia, Asia, and a few other parts of Europe that we have yet to work in.


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