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A poster of We’re Wolves

We’re Wolves

We’re Wolves is a dark-humored, horror-loving group blending metal sub-genres and hard rock hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida. They are pushing the boundaries of entertainment through satirical yet theatrically morbid visuals to enhance their carefully crafted sound. The band has shared the stage with hard-rock peers including The Used, Story of the Year, Escape The Fate, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, We Came As Romans, and more. Their ground-shattering debut album “Evil Things” features guest vocals from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire, and Rain Paris and has reached over 350k streams since its release in October 2021.

We’re Wolves first burst onto the scene with their cover of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff,” reaching over 1.8 million streams followed by their cover of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool with over 890k streams. Their success has garnered over 3.5 million total streams on Spotify with a flood of adoring online followers including 13k subscribers and over 2 million views on their YouTube channel. The conversation surrounding their unique brand of horror-inspired hard rock is sparking buzz on Loudwire, Revolver Magazine, Outburn Magazine, Knotfest, and more.

We hit up frontman AJ Diaferio to ask some questions about the band’s musical journey, and what inspires them!


Interview with AJ Diaferio (Vocalist)

Q: What was the moment that lit the spark for you to start playing music?

A: I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love with music in middle school and all perused bands in high school.


Q: When you were first getting started, what was the hardest thing to overcome?

A: I’d say the financial aspect of recording has always been a challenge, if you want the best in production it’s always going to cost a lot.


Q: What was your first musical accomplishment that made you say, “ok! This is working” ?

A: When our first single ever blew up to 500k streams, we all were like, “ok I guess people like us.”


Q: It’s clear that your music is inspired by comics & horror movies. Did you develop a love for those things before music came into your life, after, or alongside it?

A: Oooooh way before. Comics and horror movies has always been a huge part of our lives. Our vocalist AJ, especially. He’s kind of the driving force behind our image.


Q: What inspired the warnings in your newest single, “Life of A Parasite” ? Was there a specific person in mind?

A: 10000% is written towards some asshole who doesn’t deserve to be spoken of haha


Q: Of all the places music has taken you, on the road or otherwise, what are some of your favorites?

A: Honestly opening for our favorite bands over the years has been a major highlight! This weekend we’re opening for Powerman 5000 and Twiztid, which is insane! Early in the year it was Story of the Year and The Used. Very mindblowing when stuff like that happens to a relatively small band.


Q: Do you have any advice for musicians just starting out on their journey?   

A: Spend your money wisely, listen to the advice of people doing what you want for a living, and drop your egos. The industry doesn’t have time for your ego.