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A poster of The Sydney Sprague

Sydney Sprague

Sydney Sprague is currently out on her first full US tour supporting The Front Bottoms and Oso Oso. We caught up with her back stage at her show on September 22nd, 2021 at Hard Rock Live Orlando to ask her some questions about her first run.

Photo: Natasha Wilson



1.  What’s the biggest surprise about hitting the road that you didn’t expect: good or bad?

I guess I didn’t expect how the vibe would be completely different at every venue. There really hasn’t been a consistency, which makes it an adventure. It’s always a surprise what you’re gonna get.

2.  If you could put anything on a rider with no spending limit, what would it be?

Probably like a big, fancy charcuterie board and a basket of kittens.

3.  You’re from Austin, TX, but you live in Phoenix, so which show are you considering your hometown show?

I’m definitely considering the Van Buren in Phoenix to be the hometown show, but I’m really, really excited to play at Stubb’s in Austin. It feels like a really big deal.

4.  REVOLT is all about railing against the norm, tradition, and people who say, “you can’t.” What do you REVOLT against with your music?

Um, I guess myself? A lot of my songs are trying to convince myself that I’m okay when I’m not, or that I’m capable of things when I don’t actually believe it. So, there’s a lot of self-trickery and that kind of thing in my music.

5.  If someone were to listen to your record maybe I will see you at the end of the world, which song would you say pairs best with a Cabernet?

Oh, that’s a good question. I guess it depends what kind of night you’re trying to have. Maybe Object Permanence. It’s the lightest, most upbeat song I could think of.

6.  This is your first tour, but you’re well known for streaming on Twitch. What advice do you have for musicians trying to get into that?

Do a lot of research about Twitch. It’s a really, really complicated platform. To just stream on Twitch, I have to use four different plug-ins that are separate from Twitch, so there’s a huge learning curve. Spend a lot of time researching how other people do it, and what kind of gear and interfaces they use before trying it. Just don’t be afraid for it to be kind of janky at first, cause it definitely took a while for me to get it to where it feels clean and pro. People were pretty patient with me throughout the process.

7.  You’re playing a new song on this tour. Tell us a little bit about your writing process. Has anything changed from writing songs for the album?

Usually my writing process is just emotional vomiting whatever’s going on in my life at the time. It just bubbles up and comes straight out. In the last year in 2020 it was a little different because I didn’t have any sensory input. There wasn’t that much in my life actually happening, personally. So, I started trying to get more creative and learn about other peoples’ problems, which has been interesting.

8.  If you could stomp a guitar pedal and make one minor tour inconvenience go away, what would it be?

I guess I would say, “driving,” but I don’t really mind driving that much. I really like to drive, I think sometimes it’s just the drive after the show. That’s probably what I’d make go away. When you have to get to a venue that’s far away the next day, and have to drive a couple hours after the gig, that’s pretty tough.

9.  Are you gonna come visit us in San Diego after this tour?

Yeah, I’d love to.


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