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Hailing from the City of Angels, we got to know Dorothy Martin of Dorothy and her journey as a strong & talented musician. She opens up about her music, motivation, overcoming life’s challenges and how to live out your wildest dream.



1.  Tell us about your musical journey so far. Did you always know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I always knew I wanted to sing. I never knew I would become a songwriter but its the part I enjoy the most. The band and I have incredible writing chemistry at the moment, we have been spilling over with ideas that come to us during soundcheck on tour, which is really fun. I like to think of Eli Wulfmeier and I as a sort of Buckingham/Nicks duo.

2.  When did you have that “ah ha!” moment where you realized your passion could become something bigger?

There have been many moments. Mainly being asked to join amazing tours with the likes of Halestorm and Greta Van Fleet. The audience reaction is always visceral and inspiring. We feed off of each other. Its like, we see how ravenous they are for this music and it’s never going away, and that’s such a good moment to be part of.

3.  Often, people see a certain level of success from an artist and forget they had a long journey of sacrifice and struggle to get where they are today. Tell us about one of your most notable struggles so far and how you overcame it.

I’ve been very candid about my struggles with addiction and alcoholism. I want people to know that alcoholism is a disease. There is a genetic component involve and it’s something that progresses and worsens over time unless help and recovery is sought. I’m a major advocate of recovery if I didn’t have my recovery I wouldn’t have the beautiful blessed life I have today. Science and medicine have NOT found a cure for alcoholism. I am in fact, allergic to alcohol. I cannot drink safely. I cannot safely predict the outcome of what will happen if I put alcohol in my body. I have had countless terrifying experiences to prove this and turning to recovery absolutely saved my life. I want to say to anyone who is struggling out there: You are not alone, there are millions of men and women just like you, who are battling this disease. It is okay to reach out for help, there is a lot of literature and information out there to guide you. If you are questioning whether you have the disease of alcoholism, I urge you to find a 12 step meeting, find other people in sobriety and talk to them. There is a beautiful life beyond your wildest imagination waiting for you.

4.  Who are some of your biggest influences both personally and professionally?

Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Linda Perry, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Ann Wilson, Shirley Manson, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynrd,
Black Sabbath, Allman Brothers, Queen, Sam Cooke, The Supremes, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald. There are so many great musicians I grew up on.

5.  Tell us about the creative differences between your first album, ROCKISDEAD, and your second album, 28 Days in the Valley.

There was a huge creative difference. On ROCKISDEAD, the producers did not want to have a band come in and write together. We pretty much wrote the album just the three of us, and to be honest I felt like I didn’t get to fully express myself. I’m a
very good intuitive writer and that didn’t begin to blossom until my current lineup and I wrote 28 Days in the Valley with Linda Perry. There was a band, writing together for the first time and just jamming in a room, and it felt fucking amazing. Linda had us write together at her studio, and we tracked everything live, as it should be. I will never go back to anything else, writing with my band and tracking live, making it REAL, is absolutely what I needed.

6.  Is there a significance to the title, 28 Days in the Valley?

We wrote as much material as we could and then we jumped into recording, which we got through fast. It took us about a month to track the album, and Linda Perry came up with the title. I love it, it sounds like a movie.

7.  Music truly can connect and speak to people. What message do you hope resonates with your fans and that they pull from your music?

Our main message is LOVE. There is nothing more moving and powerful than love. We play music because we want the audience to feel loved, and to heal whatever they might be going through. We love our kindred spirits, Greta Van Fleet, because they seem to be on the same mission as us. To spread love and light with music.

8.  It’s empowering to see a female lead in a band! Do you find there are differences,  whether advantages or disadvantages, to that?

I don’t even think about it. I’m a human being expressing my soul with music. It doesn’t go beyond that.

9.  Being able to travel the world and do what you love is the ultimate success. How do you stay motivated to continue pursuing your passion when the days get long and rough? What keeps you motivated?

I pray daily. I meditate. Creative inspiration hits me and keeps me going, and I love writing. At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like a job to me, because it is what I was meant to do. I practice gratitude every single day. I feel so blessed and grateful and
lucky to be doing this. Traveling can get to you but my team is so wonderful and on top of it, they’re amazing. They all believe in this and I love them.

10.  Our mission is to inspire others to REVOLT again anything holding them back and go after that crazy dream that may seem out of reach. What advice would you give fans who are on the fence about taking that leap of faith and going after it?

The universe will support you in any direction you want to go. It is time to release fear and ideas of limitation and become who you were meant to be. Go out there and ask “What is my highest purpose in this lifetime?” Listen for the answer and follow
your heart, it will take you places beyond your wildest dreams.


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