The Score

The Score, an alt-rock band out of Los Angeles, has been on the rise since 2015 when their single, “Oh My Love” was featured in a commercial for the British supermarket Asda. Soon after, The Score, comprised of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover, was catapulted into success and they were signed to Republic Records. Since then, their singles have been featured on HBO hit shows, the new Power Rangers film and during the NBA Playoffs March Madness pre-show programming. Their newest EP, Myths & Legends, was just released on April 14th.

We want to inspire you to chase your dreams. We’re excited to feature The Score in the special launch of HEADLINERS UNCORKED. With songs like “Legend”, “Unstoppable”, and “Revolutionary”, their sound and message represents our mission to fight for your passions and follow your dreams.  And despite The Score’s  early success, no journey is ever easy. We had the opportunity to ask The Score a few questions about their story, what struggles they faced along the way, and how they REVOLT against what’s holding them back.

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