The Spill Canvas

Title : All Over You

Photo Credit (Above) : Nicole Lagoe Photography



Nick Thomas- Vocals/Guitar
Landon Heil- Bass

(Q) : Your song Lusta Prima Vista says, “crack open a bottle of red.” How is wine significant in that song? How is it significant to your creative process in general?

(A) : As with the tradition I just mentioned, wine has become an important part of the writing process as it loosens up the mind and allows the left brain take the wheel a bit more. Regarding ‘Lusta’, wine plays a big role in the lyrical content by representing a celebratory toast to a relationship fueled by lust over love.

(Q) : What advice would you give to someone who’s contemplating taking that leap of faith and going after a dream?

(A) : The one true thing that should remain constant is your own sense of perseverance. Especially during the lower, blurry moments when goals might seem out of reach or impossible in the face of countless obstacles. All dreams are possible if you can just stick to your goal for the long haul!