It all started when Heather Hudson studied abroad in France and quickly developed a fascination for the world of wine, the uniqueness of each bottle, and more importantly the culture and connections that drinking wine with others created. Hudson elaborates, “I suddenly realized it’s not just about what’s in the bottle, it’s about the people you share it with and the memories you create.” After returning from wine country, Hudson began her career in the wine industry at Soaring Wings Winery in Springfield, NE where she was a part of the marketing team. After several months, she and her husband realized that if they were serious about pursuing their passion in wine, they needed to move to wine country. The two uprooted to California to get a true taste of the wine industry where Hudson began working for Fontanella Family Winery, a small family owned winery in Napa, where she learned the ins and outs of the wine industry. The time Hudson worked with the Fontanella Family showed her that it was possible to do this on her own and take her passion and dedication to create her own label. Hudson elaborates, “Initially, I thought if you wanted your own brand you had to do everything yourself; grow the grapes, make the wine and share it.  My experience in Napa taught me otherwise. Those are three completely different operations and it’s absolutely possible to work with the right partners and focus your efforts on your single favorite part of the business. And for me – that’s the sharing it and building connections with people part.” After some immense research and finding the right partners, Hudson and her husband launched their first label together called, WTF – Wine That’s Fun.



As young entrepreneurs with a tenacious attitude, Hudson and her husband set out to shake up the wine industry. They sourced juice from suppliers all across CA and built an incredible team in Napa to help bottle and produce their wines.  Hudson continues, “When working with our team to create our wines, I wanted to be sure that these wines are very drinkable and defy tradition. You don’t need to save our wines for 3 years until they’re ready to drink, you don’t need a big meal to pair them with and you don’t need to wait until 5pm to start drinking!  We’ve made all of our wines so they really fit with every occasion. You can have a glass while you’re getting ready to go out, a glass with dinner and a glass as you rock out to your favorite band at a concert.” The couple created three unique wines; CA Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Moscato. Unlike most CA Chardonnays, which are buttery and oaky, their Chardonnay is very light and crisp because it is aged in stainless steel barrels so it stays nice, light and refreshing with crisp flavors of green apple and lemon. The Cabernet is true to the profile of a CA Cab and has big flavors of cherry, oak and vanilla with a nice smooth finish. It is not an over the top, bold cabernet that you need to lay down for a few years until it’s ready to drink, but rather just the right blend that one could crack it open and enjoy right away. The Moscato is a sweeter wine with a nice light flavor of peach and pear, but not too sweet with a nice and light flavor with a little sparkle. The little effervescence helps clean the palate and makes you want another sip.

Once they settled on their team and production began, the two set out to build a brand that encouraged individuals to take that leap, pursue their passion and live out their dreams. A brand that encompasses as much fun as it does a theme of motivation and inspiration. But it was their goal to combine a love for wine and music that would separate WTF from other brands. Crediting her dad to being an instrumental reason for her love of music, Hudson continues, “The way that people are entranced by music, the way it captures a whole group, the fact that one band of people have the power to share their gift and create something so moving and inspiring is incredible to me.” WTF creatively took the wine and music industry by storm having partnered with heavy hitting artists such as Atlas Genius, Pepper, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, Cartel, and The Spill Canvas and was able to showcase the label at concerts for artists like Bush, Dashboard Confessional, Seether, and Papa Roach. The company also partnered with The Vans Warped Tour VIP party, was an active participant in Wine Riot Chicago, and sponsored the Skateboard Marathon in San Diego, along with Rock Vs. Cancer event at The Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills.



With every startup there are bound to be struggles and hardships, and WTF was no exception. Hudson made the executive decision in 2016 to close the brand in order to maintain creative control and stay true to her values. When one door closes, another opens, and staying positive through it all Hudson laid WTF to rest and re-crafted a brand new label, REVOLT WINE CO that focuses on the connection between wine and music.

The name REVOLT WINE CO. couldn’t be more fitting for where Hudson is today and the journey she and her husband have made. They are founded on the idea of REVOLTING against anything holding you back. Expressing yourself. Seizing the moment. Living on the edge. Having no regrets. Taking time to enjoy the music. Moving forward in the direction of your dreams. And living the life you’ve always imaged. REVOLT WINE CO. brings those connections through drinking wine and listening to your favorite artist, bringing consumers back to the nostalgic moments a song can bring, and the feeling of togetherness. It’s that exact feeling and message that REVOLT WINE CO is trying to share. She elaborates, “Music has the ability to make you feel and forget all at the same time.  And it’s the very same thing with wine!  So it seemed like a natural fit to combine my two passions into one.  Wine and music have the same ability to take you back to a moment and reflect on how you felt and who you were with. They have the power to inspire and give hope. It’s that exact feeling and message that I’m trying to bottle and share with the world.”